January 25, 2016

Big City Adventures with Seana

Hellllloooo! Recently one of my best friends and I took a spontaneous day trip to the magical land of Chicago. Who was this friend, you ask? Well, actually, you may know her. She owns her own little portion of the blogosphere over at TTIW, and her name is Seana. For those of you who don't know her, I've been friends with her for over 7 years now and I highly advise you all to get to know her :)

Anyway. Back to Chicago. We kicked the day off bright and early, boarding the train and spending a majority of the time chatting, catching up, and working on our math exam review sheet (ick, no fun! But much better to do with a friend rather than alone). Despite bringing school into the mix on our day off, the train ride was probably one of the most interesting I've had. For example, a lady sitting in front of us kept eavesdropping and butting her unwelcomed opinions into our conversations, and another lady in our train car either had an extremely loud, obnoxious personality, or she was drunk. The world may never know, but take my word for it, she was WILD!

When we finally arrived in Chicago, the first thing we did was walk to Giordano's Pizza... AKA the best pizza Chicago has to offer... and we stuffed ourselves silly with deep dish slices.
Then I used my amazing navigational skills to find Millennium Park and The Bean, which, if you've never been to Chicago, is a touristy staple that you can't miss. Years ago in 2012, Seana and I visited The Bean for a school trip and so it was kind of inevitable that we recreated our "Bean Selfie" as seen below.



Another artsy Bean photo

Photo of The Bean

After The Bean, we found our way to Michigan Ave. for some much needed shopping. We went to the Disney store, Hershey, Ghirardelli, and the Watertower Place, which is a skyscraper packed with shops. I, of course, visited Lush and after much deliberating settled on a sweetly scented bath bomb. Seana ended up with *pause to let you guess*  some clothes, of course ;)

We also experienced some current event type of things while we were downtown. In front of Nordstrom that day, there were protestors that were protesting the death of a man, and police on horseback making sure things stayed peaceful. Nevertheless, we did not stay near that area for long.
The next current culture thing we "experienced" was that we passed by the Trump Tower on our walk. And.... that's all I'm going to say about that, haha.

Since we went a few weeks before Christmas, we saw loads of Christmas decorations. Christmas trees, massive wreaths, red and green lighting on buildings, giant ornaments, and trees covered in fairy lights were not sparse. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures this time in Chicago, but here's one from right outside of the pizza place.

Sea and I ft. some giant ornaments

As the sky darkened we hurried back to Millennium Park to see the cities biggest tree with the lights illuminated. The picture doesn't really do it justice, but take my word for it.... the tree was gargantuan! And the atmosphere in the park was just so lovely. There was a public skating rink right next to the tree to help people to enjoy the lovely winter season. Seana and I would have loved to have skated, but at that point our feet were killing us from all the walking, so we tapped out, haha.



Then we quickly picked up some Starbucks and hopped back on the train back to Michigan. And that concludes our adventure to Chicago! This is definitely a day that I won't forget for a long time, and I'm so glad that I could take a wonderful friend along with me. 
How were your Christmas seasons? I would love to hear what you all did. That's all I have for now, so....
Mischief Managed,

*note* all photos are mine on this post unless otherwise stated

January 14, 2016

Spoken Word

Hellloooooo! Let me start out by saying, I have good news! I will be beginning to blog semi-regularly again soon! I was recently talking to another blogger friend of mine and our little chat kind of rekindled my vision and passion for blogging. Soooo, be ready for that. 

Now for the real purpose of this post :)
Lately, I have been kind of obsessed with spoken word poetry. As you know, I took a creative writing class for school in the first semester this year and one unit we did was poetry. Unfortunately I don't really write much poetry because I'm absolutely horrible at it, but I enjoyed trying and especially listening to other people's. But what turned me on to the spoken word variety was that a guy in my class literally wrote and performed the most inspiring, and engaging poem ever, and I have NEVER HEARD ANYTHING LIKE IT IN MY LIFE. It was so, so, so beautiful. I was hooked. 

So I began thinking about spoken word, and I realized that not only can it be a spoken type poetry, but it can also be sung or rapped in music. And then I realized that MY FAVORITE BAND does spoken word in EVERY SONG. Wow. Okay. 
Twenty One Pilots' lyrics are the best I've ever heard written. Not only do they flow together effortlessly, they also have such relatable, great meaning. 

Here's Heavydirtysoul for you. 

Take a listen here for spoken form: 


And here for song form: 


*Okay breathe* Whew. I literally love Twenty One Pilots so much. I know they're not everyone's thing, but you have to appreciate their artistry at least a little bit. But if you are one of the few, the proud, and the emotional and you wanna know more about them, I can hook you up with information or send you videos/pics from the concert I went to :) 

Alright, Moving on. 

Last week, I went to my first poetry slam. If you don't know what a poetry slam is, it's basically a competition of people performing their poems. I didn't know quite what to expect, but I was not disappointed and it was super fun. Right now, I feel extremely inspired to listen to and maybe even attempt to write my own spoken word poetry. We'll see. I'll keep you posted :)

Finally, today, I just wanted to share with you my favorite piece of spoken word poetry ever. "To This Day" By Shane Koyczan. I first heard of this about a year and a half ago, but when I looked it up for myself, I didn't know it was supposed to be spoken word so I just read it to myself and didn't really think it was that good. BUT this year I discovered it again, this time in it's true form. And, wow. You just have to hear it for yourself. Enjoy. 

That is all I have for you today! I want to know your opinions on spoken word poetry. Like? Dislike? Have you ever written or performed it before? Do you have a favorite piece?

Okay. I'm done rambling :)
Mischief Managed,
July A. Emmance