August 31, 2014

Status Update: Employed

Hi y'all! So, I have officially joined the rankings of those with jobs. I am not going to be a bum anymore as my brother likes to say. Shocking, I know.

I applied for a job in a pretty classy restaurant on the sixth floor of a building overlooking Lake Michigan. It's a very, very nice place and I know several people who have worked there before me and loved it.
Since it's owned by a senior living facility, all of the diners are regulars and after a while, I will know all of them by name and vise-versa. The best part of that is the relationships I'll eventually make (I love talking to and meeting new people), and when I graduate high school, there is a scholarship ceremony where all of the elderly give money to the students that had been their waiters and waitresses for so many years. That is an awesome, and very generous deal if I do say so myself.

When I got the call offering me the job, I was shocked and excited. For one thing, it was the first and only place I applied at. For me to get a job after only filling out one application is pretty sweet because I know it can be extremely difficult for kids my age to get employment.

I haven't started yet, but I should begin training soon after I turn in my work permit (which will be Tuesday). I just wanted to let y'all know about my new job because it will soon be taking a pretty important roll in my life, and I wanted to ease your minds that there still will be new blog posts! Don't worry, I'm not going to abandon you guys in place of working.
That's all I have for you today, but look for a Summer Reading Roundup post coming this Thursday! I'm super excited to share all of the books I've read with you and my brief thoughts on them, so feel free to check that out later this week.
Also, I added a new page to my blog called Disney Collection. You can visit that by finding it on the far right side of the bar above this post, or you can click HERE for a more direct route.

Thanks so much for reading, love you all so much!
Mischief Managed.

August 25, 2014

Back to School Q & A

My concert was amazing *squeals* I'm going to try to upload photos and maybe videos sometime in the near future, but no promises. I'm not exactly sure how I can get a video from Facebook onto blogger, so anyone have suggestions?

Well, now that I've gotten that out of the way, hello everyone! My school starts this week *sadface* and I'm so not ready for summer to be over. Who's with me? This summer has been full of some awesome memories including some insane road trips, great robotics competitions, petting zoo fiascoes, and much, much more.
It seems crazy that it's already the time of year that we all have to pack up our school bags and charge full-speed-ahead into some type of learning institution, but alas, we can't seem to slow it's coming. I'm sure some of you have already been in class for a while now, but for those of you who haven't, I'm going to do a Back to School Q & A. Comment a question you might have and I'll do my best to respond in the comment box :)
If you don't have questions, go ahead and read the comments anyway, and maybe you'll get some great advice to a question you'd never think of yourself. Also, feel free to chime in with your own advice to the questions, because as they say, the more the merrier!

Here is my words of wisdom to each class.

Freshman-- Do not take classes as a joke! Your grades and GPA this year DO matter and they will affect you in the future, so do your best.

Sophomores-- Just because you're not in the freshman status anymore doesn't mean that you need a significant other in your life... Be yourself, and most importantly, know that you don't need a boyfriend/girlfriend to make you "cool."

Juniors-- Keep plowing ahead, and don't give up! You're almost seniors.

Seniors-- Enjoy your last year of school because this will be one of the last times that everybody in your class will all be together. Don't get too caught up in all the "college stuff" or in your job that you miss all the great memory making experiences with your friends.

Have a great school year!

August 16, 2014

July's Shopping Spoils (And Partial Birthday Haul!)

Hello my dearest readers! I have to admit, this post is scheduled because today is the day that I am going to see One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer in concert *Hurrah*, and I won't have time to write a post as I'll be preparing myself physically and mentally for the event. Now, I'm not as big a fan of the band as I once was, but I still like them and I know this is a once and a lifetime opportunity, so I'M GOING AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME. 

I've already got my outfit picked out (which you can see the upper half of farther below), and I have a few things in the queuing area, prepared to be placed in my purse to go along as well, such as glow sticks, snacks, water, a poster that says "CAN I HAVE A HUG," and several things for the boys to sign just in case a miracle happens and I meet them lol. 

Anyway, I've been shopping a lot lately (well I've gotten this stuff over the course of 4 months), so I'm just going to share with you a few of the things I've splurged on. The items are categorized by types (1. B&B Works Haul, 2. Jewelry Haul, 3. Clothes Haul, 3.5 Concert Attire, 4. Colorado Haul, 5. Ceramics Haul, and 6. Books, Movies, and Music Haul), and you only have to look at the categories that interest you. There will be little reviews of each product!
Let's get started then, shall we?

1. Bath & Body Works Haul

Pomegranate and Lemon body lotion-- $5.00
I quite liked the lemony scent in the store, but when I took it home and started using it, I realized that it was a lot stronger than I bargained for. It was almost headache giving. That being said, it moisturizes my skin decently. I think I have to reapply this more often than other lotions I have, but it makes my skin feel fairly good. I probably won't repurchase this lotion however. 

Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber perfume-- $8.00
I bought this mini perfume 75% off, so it only costed me $2.00 which is pretty good considering that it comes in glass packaging (as opposed to the bigger versions of this scent which are plastic). I love the smell, which is crisp and pleasant to the nose, but I'm a little afraid to use it because the bottle is so small. I would never buy this exact product at $8.00 again because of it's size, so if I wanted to buy the scent again, I would go for the next size up because it costs less, at only $6.00 and I get a ton more. 

Spearmint Supreme lip moisturizer-- $8.00
I was so excited when I went into Bath & Body and saw the lip products on sale. They are NEVER on sale, and believe me, I have checked many a time. I believe I got this one for around $3.00. I am a fan of the store's moisturizing lip products because they do a good job at restoring and making your lips feel good again after they've been dry. The only complaint I have is that the lip shine is sticky, and then if I go outside in the wind, my hair tends to get caught up in it. Ick. I probably won't be buying this again for a long time because of it's expensive normal price, and how I have to be cautious when wearing it so my hair doesn't get gross. 

2. Jewelry Haul

LoveCulture-- $7.95
For a while, I'd wanted a statement necklace, but many of them that I was seeing in stores were too big for me. That was true until I saw this one. If you scale it with my thumb, you can see that the size of it isn't too big or gaudy, so it's perfect for my taste, plus it includes matching earrings. I haven't worn it yet, so I can't tell you much about how I like it, but I can tell you that I got it for 30% off and actually paid around $5.50 for it instead of $7.95. I'm really excited to try this one out! 

LoveCulture-- $5.95
This was also 30% off, so I paid a little more than $4.00 for it. I like the look of this necklace, but when I wear it, the pendent often rests uncentered on my neck from my normal daily movements. Therefore, if I could go back in time and unbuy it, I probably would. I'm just glad it wasn't too expensive!

Deb-- $8.00
As trend in this post, I actually got this necklace on sale ;) It was 50% off, you do the math. I absolutely love it. It's not too adultish, but not too little-girlish either. The quality is wonderful, the gold color is beautiful, it's lightweight, and the chain is adjustable so I can have whatever length I want. I obviously won't buy this again because I already have it, but I would buy this for a friend in a heartbeat. 

3. Clothes Haul 

Vanity Fair-- $12.00
I bought this on an outlet mall in Michigan City run with my aunt earlier this summer. Sadly I haven't gotten a chance to wear it yet because I'm still searching for the perfect shirt to pair it with. I was drawn to this skirt because the fabric is very soft, comfortable, and breathable, and it isn't one of those skirts that you feel you have to sit still in all day. I would buy another like this if I had the chance!

Vanity Fair-- $18.00
Sorry about my closet guys, but this was also purchased on a Michigan City outlet mall run. I like this a lot, but thankfully it has a slip underneath because it is a see through skirt. I actually wear black shorts with it because sometimes the slip won't fall back in place when I stand up, and I just want to be cautious haha. Other than that, I'm glad I bought it.

TJ Maxx-- $12.00
Flower print is really "in" right now, so I bought this shirt. It doesn't overdo the trend, but it has enough that it's noticeable. 

Hot Topic-- $24.00
$24 is WAY to expensive for a shirt, but I couldn't not buy this tank top. It's colors are beautiful, and look at the back... Just look at that. I love Beauty and the Beast way to much to pass this up. 

Hot Topic-- $22.00
Guess how much I paid for this on clearance! If you guessed $3.95, you are right. Yup, you heard me, $3.95, originally $22.00. I don't like this one as much as the Beauty and the Beast one, but I still love wearing it.

3.5. Concert Attire!

JC Penney-- $18
I chose this to wear to the 1D concert because it's a blue-out, meaning everyone is going to wear blue, and this was the only thing I could find suitable to wear. It has small rhine-stones on the front, and an open(ish) back so hopefully I won't get too hot. Do you guys like it? Oh, wow I'm excited :D

4. Colorado Haul

Some random downtown shop-- $12.00
This sweatshirt isn't much to look at, but it still documents my travels and  is extremely warm and fuzzy inside. It's honestly perfect for nights around a bonfire with my friends! These types of sweatshirts are pretty generic, so you can find one similar (with the name of your destination) pretty much wherever you go! I recommend purchasing this type rather than a fancier one, because it's cheaper, and basic (just in case your style completely changes, it's likely you'll still wear this). 

Some random downtown shop-- $14.00
When I found this owl purse, I knew right away that I would buy it. In the trinket shop there were plenty of other options as well, such as cats, monkeys, dogs, and even different colored owls, but this little guy caught my attention and held it! It isn't super big, but it fits exactly what I need it to when I go out with friends. The first time I wore it the strap broke, so I need to get to repairing that, but it's great otherwise.

5. Ceramics Haul

Thrift/Charity Shop-- $0.50
My mom and I went to a thrift shop whilst looking for some things for my brother's dorm room, and I found this cute little mug just sitting there waiting to be picked up. So, I bought it partly because it was cute, and partly because it said England on the bottom. At the moment, I am storing a few of my loose beauty things in it, and it's doing it's job wonderfully! 

Thrift/Charity Shop-- $0.50 
I found this teacup on the same thrift run as I found the mug, and fell in love with the intricate flowery design with gold accents. It does a wonderful job holding spare jewelry that I haven't had the time to put away, such as my bracelet, locket, earrings, and a few rings. It does have a few little chips in it, but hey.... for $0.50 I'm doing great. 

Pier 1 Imports-- $15.00
Pier 1 has great home decorating products, furniture, and kitchen things. When I saw this elephant teapot, I instantly fell in love because I have a little elephant mug that it would go perfectly with. I just couldn't pass up purchasing the little guy! My only complaint is that he is a little hard to wash on the inside because my fingers don't fit. Other than that, I love him! 
If you are still reading, comment "WHAT!?" down below and let's confuse some people :)

6. Books, Movies, and Music Haul
Mistborn Trilogy-- $10.00
I bought this used on Ebay because at Barnes and Noble, I would have been paying over $20.00 for it. I would highly recommend the series.
Cars-- birthday :)
Cars is my second favorite Disney movie, right after Lady and the Tramp and Beauty and the Beast because it has a great message, and is just all around cute. If you haven't seen it, I recommend going out and renting it with some friends because it's totally worth your time!
Rio-- birthday :)
Rio is a cute movie that I enjoyed. It takes place mainly in Rio De Janeiro during a festival called Carnival, and does a great job of showing Brazilian culture. It is about birds, but there are enough human characters that you don't feel starved of them.
Wreck-It Ralph-- birthday :)
I haven't seen Wreck-It-Ralph yet, but I've heard that it's great!
The Little Rascals-- birthday :)
Little Rascals is just a classic. If you haven't seen it at least once in your lifetime, you're missing out!
Frozen-- $12.00 at Costco
I bought this a while back on sale at Costco. Frozen only came out this past November, but it's basically a treasure already. If you haven't watched this yet, you must be living under a rock because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has seen Frozen. I highly recommend it.
X by Ed Sheeran-- birthday :)
You probably know that I'm a huge fan of Ed Sheeran by now if you're a regular reader of my blog. I love his music but some of his songs have some negative/inappropriate undertones to them. I recommend listening to Ed, but you really have to be careful when listening because not every song is appropriate for everyone. 

I know that was long, but thanks to those of you who stuck with this post the whole way.
Would you like to see more hauls (shorter ones) on this blog? Let me know if you like this type of post. Love you all!

*sorry about the picture quality.... my life is a struggle

August 04, 2014

App of the Month: WaterLogged

It's summer, and although you should be drinking water all year round (obviously), you should be taking extra care to make sure that you are hydrating enough during this hot season. It is quite a bit easier for people to become dehydrated during the summer when they're spending long days bustling around under the beating hot sun, so the app Waterlogged was created in order that people could easily keep track of how much they have drunken, and then see a visual depicting how much more they should drink in a day. 
When I stumbled across this app a few months back, I decided to try it because I have a horrible habit of forgetting to drink enough.

- The app is easy to understand, set up, and use
- You can change the settings from ounces to liters (and a few other liquid measurements)
- You can set your own daily goals and the app will keep you on track to reaching them
- The app saves your daily progress in a graph so you can see how well you've been doing on meeting your water consumption goals through time
- You can choose a visual representation of either how much you've drunken so far or how much you still need to drink
- There is a premium version that you can buy, but I use the free version and it works great

- In order to keep track of exactly how much you consume daily, you have to have a measure marked drinking glass or bottle to drink from (or you could measure out a specific amount of water every time you refill your drinking mechanism, but that get's old really fast)
- If you're at work or in school, you can't always get to your phone/device to record data, and you end up forgetting to do it
- Basically, some days it's just not realistic or convenient to use this app, yet it's meant to be a daily thing. So even if you drink enough water (without recording it), the app will mark your day as a failure on the graph, which can look pretty discouraging

Do I recommend downloading this app? Yes. Despite it's occasional inconvenience, I think this app could be beneficial to someone who is trying to get their drinking habits back on track and has time to use this app often. 

That's all I have for you today guys, I hope you found this post helpful. I may begin doing this every month with different apps of all different genres. What do you think? Are you all for it or should it be a very rare occasion that a post like this comes out on I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good? Let me know in the comments below, and also tell me if you've ever used this app or are considering downloading it!
Much love,