July 30, 2014

Colorado and IRI 2014

Hallo! I've had a busy past week for a few reasons, and these are why....
1.) I've decided to be social and actually invite people over.
2.) I've gone out various places with one of my best friends, Raven
3.) It was my birthday yesterday! Yes, my sweet sixteenth birthday. I got several Disney movies including Cars and Wreck-It Ralph, X by Ed Sheeran, and various other things.
Along the topic of my birthday, I want to do something special with my friends because your sixteenth only comes once, but now my birthday has past, and I don't know what to do. I thought of having a bonfire, but I'm not too thrilled with the idea because that could be awkward. Or a group of my friends and I could meet at a nice-ish restaurant and eat food together. Can you guys think of anything else? Help!

As you should know, I went to Colorado at the beginning of July with my family! We've been there before and it was one of my favorite trips, so I was ecstatic to go again, BUT I was slightly disappointed this time around :(
Here's why. The first night we spent there, I could tell that the altitude was affecting me because I felt nauseous and had pressure in my head. That's not a fun feeling, but I pushed through because I didn't want to miss the fun. The next day, I pretty much felt totally fine which was awesome. Sadly, after that day, things got bad again and I had to go to a little clinic thing because I was just miserable and not up to doing anything. Woo. Fun times, right? The saddest part was that I didn't get to do the cattle drive that I'd been saving up for all year :'(

But it wasn't all horrible.... Here are some highlights.
1.) We went on several beautiful hikes in the mountains


2.) My dad and I spotted a mountain goat, and we tried to get closer for a picture, but as I was posing, he started coming towards us (which was a little bit intimidating because he had spikes on his head!!). He ended up less than five feet away from me and I even could have touched him if I wanted. I named him Goatee :)

This isn't the closest I got. Here you are seeing a moment when I was climbing back down to rejoin my parents and Goatee was stalking me :) Photocreds to my dad (I think)
Here's another cool shot from that hike. I thought the ice on the lake looked cool, not to mention the mountains in the background! Photocreds!

3.) We rode the free gondola up part of the mountain and then took a 15 minute (one way) scenic chairlift ride even higher up. There was a ton of snow (they had just had another snow storm a week before) for snowball fights and even sledding if we'd had sleds.


4.) What I am about to tell you next is the highlight of my vacation. My brother and I decided to climb further up the mountain to see how far we could go up before it got too steep, which was super hard, by the way, because I wasn't used to the thin air just yet. We were so far and high that even my camera (that my parents were holding for me) couldn't see us on full zoom. However, it was probably the prettiest view I've ever seen because from 3/4 the way up the peak, you could see EVERYTHING including the next town that was a 20 minute drive away.
And it was sweet because when we got as high as we could, my brother told me that there was only one thing he wanted to do, and that was to play the song "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons which says "I've climbed the highest mountain" and then obviously in the chorus says "I'm on top of the world." It was awesome, but pictures don't do it justice! Guess you just had to be there ;)

This was a snapchat my brother took because he still had cell service where ever we went on our trip!

5.) I ate a lot of good food including cookies, crepes, and caramel apples.

6.) I went shopping downtown and bought a sweatshirt and an adorable purse that you will be able to see on this blog in a few weeks.

7.) I met the real, actual Budweiser Clydsdales that tour around the United States :D I love horses, so I wouldn't miss out on this opportunity in a million years even if I wasn't feeling great at that time :(

Photocreds to my mommmmm

8.) My dad and I went downtown for the fireworks over the mountains on the 4th of July, and they were awesome. I took pictures there too, but they're on another SD card and I don't wanna get up to find it haha.

9.) My brother and I tried those human hamster ball things that float on the water. They are WAY harder than they look. It takes insane balence to be able to run in those things. Otherwise, you're on the bottom of the ball a lot (like me).

Photocreds to my mommmmmmm again

I took a ton more pictures, but I don't want to ramble on too long about my vacation, so that's what you get!
That sounds pretty fun, you say? Well, those parts were very enjoyable, but I know it could have been wayyyyy better if I was feeling more like myself.


And now for the IRI 2014 results! (For those of you who don't know, IRI is short for Indiana Robotics Invitational, and you have to apply and be accepted to get in. Only the best of the best do, and since we performed significantly this year, we were invited to join!)

We left on a Thursday night, anticipation in the air as we waited for the next morning to come and the competition to start. Finally it began with the opening ceremonies. Three countries were represented (Mexico, Canada, and the USA) so we had to listen to three different national anthems before the game could be on it's way. Finally, we were up. Drumroll please!!! *dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum*
We choked. Completely and utterly fell apart. We didn't perform as well as expected to, and didn't even advance to elims. So, basically it was a pretty discouraging couple of days as we sat and watched ourselves die.

HOWEVER! There was a bright patch in this for our team, especially for myself, a girl named Emily, and our head mentor. There is an award for Mentor of the Year at IRI, and Emily and I entered our mentor for it. All we had to do was write an essay about why he deserved the title and drop it in a little box on the first day of competition. When Saturday morning rolled around, Em and I were very curious to see who won, and when they started announcing it, we automatically knew it was him, before they even said his name. We were both very proud that our writing (which we were told was judged by college English majors in the area) was good enough to earn the award. Our mentor has been a part of FIRST robotics for 20 years, and he's never won anything like this before, so he definitely deserved it :)
PLUS our team signed up for an all girls event in November... I am sooo excited.
Ok, I'll stop rambling on about robotics now.

Next week, I am helping at my church's VBS, so that'll be fun. And I'm also leaving for a baby shower in Illinois, woohoo! #roadtrip

That is all I have for you right now, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and stories :)
Please give me ideas on how to have a late celebration for my birthday.... I need your help!
Much love, July

July 22, 2014

Tubesday-- Try by Colbie Caillat

Haiii everyone! July here. This is a quick post because my friend Raven and her mom are just about to pick me and my mom up for blueberry picking today. I'm hoping to tell you about my vacation and update you on my robotics team's IRI results sometime later this week. If not, you'll see it early next week! 

So this weeks Tubesday is another music video, and if you don't watch any other music video, please watch this one! It portrays an amazing message through the lyrics and visuals. 
I love you beautiful people!

July 17, 2014

I can feel the sunshine on my skin, life is good :)

*Note.... this is quite late (sorry to the person who nominated me.... I actually did have this written a while ago!), but I've had it scheduled for now because I am goneeeeee at the moment*

Hello all. Now, I say that with as much enthusiasm as I can muster, but it still sounds pretty monotone to me. (even through the internet!). Maybe if I add an exclamation point it'll sound more cheery?
Ok. Let's start over then. Hello all! There. That sounds much better, hmm?

So, while I was in the great state of Colorado, my blog was nominated for The Sunshine Award by the lovely Amy-Anne from The Blog Hermit! Now I don't remember if I have done this one before, so I'll just do it anyway ;P

Le rules:
Thank the person who nominated you.
Answer the questions the person who nominated you asked.
Nominate a bunch of other bloggers. 
Question the people you nominated.
Tell them that you nominated them.

Thanks again Amy!

Le questions:

Which is the best season?
A better question would be which is the worst season! I really dislike spring with a passion, but have no problem with summer, fall or winter! 

What's your opinion on the band Kodaline?
Errrr..... I have absolutely no idea who Kodaline is.

Chocolate cake or vanilla sponge?
Well, I don't exactly know what vanilla sponge is either, but I'm sure I would pick the cake even if I knew because I'm not a huge fan of vanilla food. 

Acoustic guitar or electric?
Mmm, by far acoustic.

Have you seen The Fault In Our Stars or read the book? What's your opinion on them?
I'm pretty sure a lot of you already know what I think, but if you're behind the times, read all about my thoughts HERE!

If you could change to be any nationality, eg Japanese, what would you be?
I would want to be Dutch... Oh wait, I already am. Whoops. I just want to live in the Netherlands. Or somewhere else cool in Europe.

Ever heard of Swedish hiphop? 
I think they had something like that in TFIOS book/movie, but other than that, no, I haven't. 

Matching odd socks?
Odd, but coordinating if you know what I mean :)

Out of the following, which is the superiour hair colour- blonde, brunette, black or ginger?
Even though I harbor brunette hair, ginger is probably the best hair color EVER.

Now, my nominees!

Raven from Raven DeWitt
Seana from The Totally Insane Writer
Hilda from Hilda
Emily from Emily Etc. 
Marian from Ivory Clouds
Treskie from Occasional Randomness
And if anyone else wants this, go ahead and take it! Just link back to where you got it from :)

And the rules say I must question them, so prepare to be questioned!

-What is your favorite summer activity?
-Would you prefer lemonade or soda?
-Out of the following, which would you most enjoy visiting for the day- the beach, the pool, the ocean, the swimming hole in the woods?
-What is your summer song?
-What is your opinion on old Disney movies?
-Would you eat cookies if I baked them?
-If you could travel anywhere this summer vacation with no cost to you, where would it be, why, and what would you do there?

And that's it everybody! Tagged people, let me know when you have your post up and I will read them :) Enjoy!

July 14, 2014

300th Post Cont.: Why do you blog? + a Surprise!

Hello one and all! So, I know I said I'd do this post last week already, but I had a busy week with just getting home from Colorado and my cousins from Illinois visiting. Sorry! 
Before I start, I want to let you know that I will be gone this weekend for the biggest robotics off-season event there is, and I won't be posting at that time. Don't worry, I'll update you on how it went sometime in the following week. And I would like to also tell you about my vacation and how it was one of the funnest and most miserable trips ever for me. You'll just have to wait to hear about that!

And now, without further ado, I present the most anticipated blog post since pigs began to fly. 

If you would like to read my answers and the original post, click HERE! To read what all you lovely people responded with, scroll below :)
Actually I suppose that before we start, I should fill you in on something that I did not tell you in the original post. If you participated in my celebration (in other words, if your name is below), you will have the opportunity to live voice chat with me via Google Hangouts! Of course you aren't being forced to if you don't want to, I just thought I'd offer a rare chance for those of you who took some time out of your own blogging schedule to write for me! Let me know in an email if you're going to take me up on this. 

Here we go with our first victim.... I MEAN PARTICIPANT! Participant, yes, that's what I meant.

Your name: Raven, Rae, Yoshi or anything else you can think of.....

Where we can reach you: 

email: ravendewitt1999@gmail.com
Facebook/Twitter: Raven DeWitt
blog: RavenDeWitt.blogspot.com

Why do you read blogs?: I love reading everyone else's opinions on things. I mean, I know I'd love to have people reason my opinions.

What types do you enjoy reading? (eg. book blogs, food blogs, travel blogs, etc.): Um, I can't even tell when blogs are about such and such, I just read em.

What draws you to I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good?: Probably the fact that you're my bestie July! ;p

Your name: Destiny Skye

Where we can reach you: No where! I am completely untraceable! Not really, but seriously, what kind of anonymous person would I be if you could contact me?

Why do you read blogs?: I read blogs to get different opinions on matters, book related or otherwise. Also to make virtual friends. :)

What types do you enjoy reading? (eg. book blogs, food blogs, travel blogs, etc.):
Book blogs! Always. I also enjoy reading craft, fashion and random life blogs.

What draws you to I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good?:
I enjoy debating with July the good and bad points of a book, her ability to be a teenager and our similar taste in music.

Your name: Emily. I blog at Emily Etc., where I talk about books, writing, and art - among other things!

Why do you read blogs?: I read blogs to connect with people like me, so that we can chat, fangirl, share pictures, books, writing, and discuss how our characters will never do what we tell them. These are things you can't always do with real life friends/family.

What types do you enjoy reading?: I honestly believe that it's less the type of blog than the the quality of writing. I mean, think about your favourite books. Sure, we all have favourite genres (for me, fantasy), and likewise we're all drawn to certain types of blog, but you also have favourite books from completely different genres, just because they're good! I'm drawn mostly to book and writing blogs, but I have other favourites too. I love seeing people post their artwork. If the blog is funny and well-written, I'm on board! 

What draws you to I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good?: I love July's blog because not only is its name a Harry Potter reference, it is also pretty awesome and has lots of posts about books, music, writing, and July's general life. It always seems fresh and you can tell from reading it that July is the type of friend you want! HAPPY 300TH POST!

Have some cake, everyone! And thanks for having me, July :D

It isn't too late for the rest of you to add your input! Just shoot me an email and I'll include you in this post as well :)

So thanks again to everyone for supporting my blog and a special thanks to those of you who responded to my questions with such thoughtful answers. Oh, and thank you for providing the cake, Em!
Much love everyone!

July 03, 2014

Your Fictional Boyfriend?

Hello! How are you guys enjoying summer so far? I'm over 1/3 into my summer holiday, and so far I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Actually, I'm in Colorado right now, and this is scheduled, so sorry this is such a short post today guys. This summer has been busy!

Anywho, I found this "Who is your fictional boyfriend" thing a while back and decided to give it a shot :)
Of course, I ended up with Augustus. I wanted Neville, but that didn't work out, because I guess he's too cool for me, haha.
Try it and comment who you got! Have a happy holiday tomorrow for my American friends!