February 24, 2014

My Thoughts on The Blizzard Ball

Hallooooo! Do any of you get that reference? No? Didn't think you would. Anyway, this past Saturday my school held a dance called The Blizzard Ball (a Sadie Hawkins dance, and NO I didn't NOT ask anyone!) and I decided to go. This dance was a lot more fun than the last one and I danced with a lot more people too. The homecoming dance in September was so horrible that I wasn't even going to go to this one, but my friend Leanne and I went to the mall and both of us just happened to buy dresses for this dance.... So I went.
On Saturday afternoon, I found myself at Seana's with Evelyn, Sayre, and Katie to help each other get ready and to just have a good laugh. And we sure did laugh!
Anyway, it was a ton of fun, especially eating pizza together and having a mini photo shoot doing crazy things in our dresses.

The Outfit:

My dress was blue with a beautiful lace pattern on it. I wore leggings underneath so I wouldn't have to worry about flashing anyone and I could be carefree all night long!
This dress is from Macy's and the original price was $65, but I only paid $15 because I shop the sales!

You can see the pattern a little better here.

I wore a gold belt that I found at a garage sale around my waist to add a little pizazz. 

I found my shoes on clearance, so they're probably not the most adorable things you've seen, but the blue jewels matched my dress, so weyhey!

I'm a huge fan of closeups!

I bought this bracelet specifically to go with my necklace and earrings, but sadly, I didn't end up wearing it because it snagged my dress every time it touched, and I didn't want a tear :( At least it wasn't too expensive!

My necklace! I bought this for $2 at Old Navy, aren't you proud? It's hard to see in the photo, but there is three little diamonds making up each section.

My mom bought these earrings for me at JC Penneys :)

Sorry for the horrible picture quality, I took them on my iPod.

The Dance:

Anyway, our photo shoot took quite a long time and by the time we arrived, we thought we were going to be 20 minutes late for the dance, but we were actually 10 minutes early. That was awkward! There was absolutely no one there at all.
The dance got rolling and we headed out onto the dance floor with all of our other friends. It was crazy. To those of you who haven't attended a high school dance yet, they're nothing like Disney movies make them out to be. It's basically a bunch of people acting insane and moving their bodies in unnatural ways, ahaha. This time the music was more familiar to me and I basically danced the whole time aside from some water breaks, boy was it hot in there!
Seana and I were trying to get our friends Emily and AJ to dance together and we kept making little hearty motions at Em, but I think we embarrassed/annoyed AJ, whoops, haha. Sorry AJ!
It being a high school dance, there were obviously some scandalous stuff going on as well like dirty dancing and making out, but I tried my best to avoid all of that. Most people were wearing modest dresses, but there were the few that needed to put some more clothes on.

Basically me and my friends ;)

The After Party:

The dance finished at 11:00pm and my brother and I hopped in our car to drive home (Sea, Sayre, Evelyn and Katie had other rides) and we were halfway there when my brother randomly said, "Do you want to go to an after party at my friends house?" And naturally, I was like "sure!" So we turned around and started driving there.
*I admit it was a little awkward because my brother and his friends are all older than me, but it was alright and I survived*
When we called my mom to let her know where we were going, we were met with a little resistance because she thought it was too late. Little did she know, we were already there, so she let us stay. There was food and drinks and believe it or not, we danced some more. He even had a disco ball in his basement to make it feel legit. It was awesome.

It was a good time and probably one of the highlights of my school year! How have your school dances been?

Mischief Managed,

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello to all my lovely readers out there. It's Valentines Day, and this year I'm celebrating alone (again), but, I really don't need a man in my life as a freshman in high school. Really, I don't.
Anyway, today we are playing the heart game in school where girls wear a heart around their necks and aren't allowed to talk to guys outside of classes or at lunch. If they do, the guy "wins" their heart. So far, I'm all good. I still have my heart around my neck, and I don't plan on giving it away any time soon ;)
Oh, and just to let you know, I'm writing this during class. Whoops. I'm a rebel.

Honestly, I think Valentines Day is stupid, but in choir this morning, someone said something that I thought was really cool.
She told us that she was going about on this day with the mindset that this isn't just a day to celebrate boyfriend/girlfriend/marriage relationships, it's a day to love on everybody. I think that's absolutely brilliant and I decided to adopt that as well.
So, I just want to let you all know that I love you. Thank you so much for reading this blog, and for your putting up with me, here's a box of chocolates *holds out heart shaped box wrapped with big red bow*. And also take this massive teddy bear *hands you gigantic fluffy creature*.

Happy Valentines Day!
Love, July

I had to include this gif... Hilarious! 

February 13, 2014

Disaster Writing Contest RESULTS!

I'm sure you've all been waiting in anticipation for this, and I know it's three days late, but here is the results post for my disaster writing contest! As I said before, every single one of the entries was awesome. I enjoyed reading each one and you guys should definitely continue your pieces because I would love to hear the conclusions. Click HERE to read the entries.

To remind you all, the prize was a guest post right here on my blog and a lifetime supply of air! Woo. So get excited. Ooh, and for those of you who didn't skip to the end of this post for the results and actually see this, comment "chopsticks" and I will also provide you with a lifetime supply of air. You're welcome. Click HERE to read my official rules and details about the contest.

Alright, enough of me talking. I know you're all here to find out the winner, so without further ado, I will announce it. I just want to make it clear that everybody deserves to win, but only one person was selected because that's how contests work. I love you all though!

Drumroll please!

The official winner of the "Disaster Writing Contest" is Seana J. Vixen from The Totally Insane Writer, with a total of 10 votes! The voting was VERY close between two people, but Seana managed to pull it out. 
Congrats Sea, you win a guest post (if you want one, let me know) and a lifetime supply of air. And, since I know you in real life, I may actually bring you candy at school. 
If you missed the post with all the entries and are curious, here is Seana's:

The sound of wind whipping through your hair screams in your ears. The rain pelts your skin as you stare into the distance at the clouds choking out the light of the sun. Something is coming. Your gaze flicks over the rubble of what once was homes of families who thought that they were safe where they were. But no one is safe here. This is the country of danger, of mystery, of hope, but also of disaster. You shove trembling hands into your sweatshirt pockets, fiddling with the paper clip inside out of habit. A storm is raging inside of you, just as a storm brews in the air. Peeking through the hair that covers your face you see rain begin to fall across the horizon. Lightning cracks across the sky, answered by the roar of thunder. You take a step in your worn boots, the seams beginning to fall apart. You step towards the storm that's steadily coming to the place where you stand, daring you to try and stop it. But you are not afraid of disaster. You challenge it. You keep walking.

Comments on this piece were all encouraging.

"Such beautiful writing!"

"It is mysterious and makes me want to keep reading."

"Grabbed my attention."

"I like how she didn't just make it the typical disaster you would think it was; she writes about someone who will walk through it. Also love the second-person narrative."

I completely agree with all of these. Seana definitely has a talent for writing. Keep it up Sea J! Thank you to everyone who entered because without you, we wouldn't be able to have any contests at all. It really means a lot! Thanks again! 

Mischief Managed,

February 05, 2014

Fictional Life Tag

Wonderful bloggers, it is my pleasure to announce that I am back. After a brief absence, I have returned to you all and without further ado, here is today's post!
Reminder: Vote for your favorite entry in my writing contest HERE. If you've already voted, go and tell all of your friends to come vote because I want to see my comment modification box explode! Voting closes on February 10.

Since I don't have a lot of time to create a totally awesome post today, I am going to do a tag I discovered on another blog (source below). Anyone may feel free to snatch this tag up and do it for themselves! I think it's quite a good idea and a fun one to do.

Fictional Life Tag.

1.What fictional world would you live in?
Europe. I've never been there so it's basically fictional, right? ;)

2. What fictional being would you be?
A common mortal. 

3. What fictional animal/creature would you keep as a pet?
A centaur because it's a horse that can also talk to you like a human! :) Of course I would have to keep him a secret from the rest of the world, but his name would be Phillip and we would be besties! 

4. What fictional couple would be your Mom and Dad?
Todd and Viola from The Chaos Walking Trilogy

5. What fictional characters would be your brother and sister?
Ohh, there are so many characters that I want to include! First of all, Darcy and Emma Hawthorne from MDBC, Rue from THG, Neville and Luna from Harry Potter, and Constance from The Mysterious Benedict Society. I could add loads more, but I think that's probably enough. 

6. Which fictional character would be your best friend?
Park from Eleanor and Park.

 7. Choose 3 fictional characters to be your close girl friends?
Jess from MDBC, Lennie from The Sky Is Everywhere, and Sophie from The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series.

8. Choose 3 fictional characters to be your close guy friends?
Gale from THG, Isaac from TFIOS, Riley from Silent Harmony.

9. What fictional character would be your girlfriend/boyfriend?
Ooh. This is probably the best question in this tag but also the most difficult. There are so many options to choose from and it's almost painful to pick just one!  After weighing my options, I've chosen... either Joe from The Sky Is Everywhere because he is European and amazing and any girl would die to have him, or Josh from 
The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series because there's just something about his character that makes you want to sit at a coffee shop with him and just talk about life. *sighs heavily with a dreamy look in my eyes*

10. What author would pen your story?
This is the absolute hardest question in the tag. How can you choose? Despite some serious torture while digging through my brain for the best option, I finally came up with the writer who would write my tale. I choose Michael Scott, the author of 
The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series because he created reality in the midst of chaos, which I think is important. Even though the world is a crazy place, I want my world to be real.