May 29, 2013

Wow. Life Is Moving So Fast, Somebody Get Me Off This Thing.

Hey! So much has been going on lately! I've been super busy with the end of the school year and all. Next Wednesday is our last day, but it's not even a full day because we have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to complete our final projects and the moment we finish them we get to leave.
I'm super sad about leaving because I've been at the same school my whole life (preschool-8th grade), 11 years. I'm going to miss everybody who's going to different high school's as well! I don't have any really close friends going to a different place, but it'll be different without certain people.
Plus next year we are merging with another school too. That's how it's always been, but I don't know anyone really from the other school and I'm far from popular. I'm just afraid of being judged before people get to know me! Even at my current school people don't know me. They just don't ever take the time to talk with me and I'm not really the person to butt right into their lives and talk to them :P

Timberwolf Camp!
I'm hoping that I'll find more friends at the new school and that people will be kind, caring, and considerate. Honesty, people alway assume Christian schools are all goody-goody, but they're not at all. We have quite a few kids who swear and do various other things, and I've heard that the class we're merging with is even worse. I'm hoping that that's not completely true because I don't want to get involved with that. When I rode the bus to my school this year, I heard quite a few things about certain people in my grade that I didn't need or want to know. I'M SO SCARED!

Anyway, just yesterday we went to our last camp at a YoungLife camp called Timberwolf. IT WAS SO SWEET! There was so much to do there, but sadly not everything was open because it was raining
all morning :/
Mess hall
So the first thing I did when I got there was look around and it was so nice! Then I waited for about two hours or so in the rain to ride on a big ripcord/swing thing which was super scary but fun. It was a lot higher up than I expected and the anticipation while they are "winding you up" is horrible. Christine was the one to pull the cord and I wasn't really expecting her to pull it right then but it felt so weird when you drop! Then it basically goes backwards and forwards like a swing but even huger! It was fun, but probably not something I'd do again.
Then we had lunch which was burgers and after lunch I paddle-boarded for the first time ever for like an hour and a half with Seana. It was really fun and hilarious cause Sea fell off ;P
This is where karaoke was :)
After that, Seana and Christine went on the swing again and I went to change into different clothes. Then I met up with Christine and we sat on the porch of a cabin and talked for a while (we were gonna sit on the hammocks, but they were soaked!). Christiiiii went to go on the swing again with a few other people and I challenged Seana to a game of pool which she played for the first time ever! She won both times but that was only because I hit the 8 ball in the wrong pockets at the end! Then I whopped her at air hockey 6-2 :D When Christine came back we played foosball and I won that as well :P
After a while it was time to eat supper which was pasta and it was pretty good but I wasn't very hungry.
 FINALLY IT WAS TIME FOR KARAOKE! That was so much fun and Christine and I jumped up to sing "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin. I started singing the first verse and I was the only one singing for the longest time so I elbowed Chrisi and she started singing on the chorus. But she accidentally started singing an off-tune harmony xD Then like five other people came up to sing and sorta wrecked it because, well yeah, they're not the best at singing and they were all singing the parts (guy/girl)  that we were already singing.... It was a fail, but still very fun!
Seriously though, there was so much to do there! They had all kinds of water activities: zip-line, rope-swing, kayaks, paddle-boards, blob, swimming, and tubing.
That little stream ran all over and had little bridges
to cross it :) It was adorable!
Then they had all kinds of outdoor activities too: soccer, basketball, baseball, beach volleyball, frisbee golf, go-karts, ripcord, trails, and hammocks.
Also they had indoor activities too: game room (pool tables, foosball, pingpong, air-hockey, mini shuffle board, plus more), gym, basketball hoops, rock climbing, volleyball, camp store (not open for us, camp cafe (not open for us), and sooooooo much more!!

After that we had a campfire on the beach and talked about our years at school and things we saw God in and funny moments :) It was really good to reflect on those things. Next we did mikveh (yes that is how it's spelled) which is I think a Jewish tradition and even though we're not Jews, its really meaningful to our class. It's were you rededicate your hands, feet, head, and heart to God with water. We did it at 7th grade camp so I didn't do it again, but I did get in the water to have a teacher pray over me about the upcoming high school years. After mikveh there are always a bunch of girls crying and like two guys, but the girls were sobbing. I didn't cry, but I did feel that horrible, crushing, yet sweet feeling that we're moving on. Some guys in the grade were openly making fun of and mocking the girls who were all hugging and crying and I thought that was very uncalled for but I didn't want to let that affect me too much. Overall it was a great experience and we grew a lot closer through it!

Our last big thing together is going to be this Friday which is banquet/graduation. Everyone dresses up for banquet and we have great food and I guess you could say a "show." There will be slideshows, awards, and the worship teams me and Christine are on will lead worship. Then after that we have an after-banquet party at a sports center until 1:00 AM so I'll be exhausted the next day but I'm sure it'll be fun B)
Everything is going so fast but I guess I have to cherish our last days together while I can :( That's sounds so depressing! I honestly had no idea what this post was gonna be about when I started it, but it didn't turn out too bad :P Lol. Ok. Sorry again I haven't been posting much, I've been so busy!

May 20, 2013

Berlin Barbie Bummer

Hey! So we four times a year, we have to write a current event summary. We also have to include our opinions at the end and I did mine on a Barbie Dreamhouse opening in Berlin! It was a really interesting article, and I would encourage you to read my writing and then also (if it interests you) read the original article :) I think I did a pretty good job, what do you think? And would you go to the Barbie Dreamhouse if you had the chance??

Berlin Barbie Bummer; Feminists Protest Dreamhouse Opening

Girls have always loved Barbie and the world around her: clothes, hair, makeup, houses, cars, and Ken. That's why earlier this year Taipei opened a Barbie themed restaurant where people can go and tour Barbie's house, eat food, bake virtual cupcakes, and take a look at Barbie's extensive pink wardrobe. There are over 350 dolls on display. Oh, and you can't forget the gift shop where girls can pick out a plastic model of their own to take home.
The restaurant was met with much success so they decided to open another branch in Berlin, Germany where thoughts weren't all that warm and fuzzy towards it. The 27,000 square-foot pink manor opened on May 16, 2013, and the theme is meant to show off Barbie's “Malibu Lifestyle.” 
Many feminists have been protesting the idea before it even opened on account of the “gender bias-ness” and “shallow materialism” that Barbie symbolizes to young girls. 
“They present an image of cooking, primping, and singing, as if it were in some way life-fulfilling,” Socialist Alternative editor Michael Koschitzki, 27, said. 
Barbie has been followed with controversy all of her days, many saying that Barbie is a subject of sexism and gives girls a negative body image. 
The Berlin feminists have created a Facebook page protesting the Dreamhouse. So far countless people have liked the page and the creators have reported a peaceful protest they will be staging on opening day. 
After August 25, Barbie's Dreamhouse will be taken apart and toured throughout Europe. Another Dreamhouse was opened in Florida last week and was also greeted with controversy. 

I think it is a really awesome idea to open a Barbie Dreamhouse were girls can experience a bit of Barbie's world, however I do agree with the feminists in some ways too. 
Barbie has always been a topic of controversy, and almost every girl in the United States grows up playing with Barbie dolls. Barbie does influence what girls think they should look like and I think it is giving the wrong image. It bothers me that you never see a chubby Barbie. Every single one is as skinny as a rail. 
However, overall, even though I do see some of the feminist party's points, I don't think they should be making that big of a deal of this. It comes down to the parent's opinion whether they want their daughters to have that influence in more of a real way than just playing with dolls, or not. 

May 15, 2013

The Feeling of Being Unwanted

It stinks, doesn't it? It's just plain dreadful, the feeling.

May 05, 2013

This or That?

Hello lovely readers! Happy Sunday as my grandma always says. I was rooting around on Cat's blog and she did an interview with Helena, who I have just discovered and followed :)
Anyway, Helena posted a tag on her blog called This or That? and she said anyone who wanted to could snatch it up and do it! It looks fun although I'm not the best at makeup so these answers might be strange :P

Blush or Bronzer? Um..... I'm a generally pale person, so Bronzer 
Lipgloss or Lipstick? I don't wear either on a normal day, but if I had to pick, it would be lipstick because my hair always ends up getting in the lipgloss and smearing it all around :/
Liner or Mascara? I'm bad enough at doing my own mascara so I'm not even gonna attempt any eye liner.
Foundation or Concealer? What's the difference??
Neutral Eyeshadow or Colour? Color!! Well, only when you can pull it off.
Pressed or loose eyeshadow? Huh?? 

Nails and Body
OPI or China Glaze? I don't do my nails often and I don't think I've ever had either of these, however I heard that OPI was better quality.
Long or Short Nails? Long can be pretty on most people.
Acrylic or Natural? Natural.
Brights or Darks? Brights in the summer, darks in the winter!
Flower or No Flower? No flower, but sparkles are good :D
Perfume or Body Splash? Perfume because I don't know what body splash is really......
Lotion or Body Butter? Body butter!! I LOVE the coconut scent.
Body Wash or Soap? Body Wash
Lush or other bath company? I like B&B Works

Jeans or Sweat Pants? Jeans are my normal, but the occasional sweatpants are great too :)
Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve? Depends on the season.
Dresses or skirts? Dresses
Stripes or Plaid? I don't have a preference.
Flip Flops or Sandals? Sandals if I can find cheap ones that aren't too expensive!
Scarves or Hats? Scarves.
Studs or Dangly Earrings? Studs in one hole, and dangly in the other :) (I have my ears double pierced)
Heels or Flats? Flats because I seriously nearly break my ankle every time I put a heal on....
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots? Cowboy boots
Jacket or Hoodie? Hoodie.
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe? Never been to either, but I've heard that there's a lot of good stuff at both.
Abercrombie or Hollister? I don't shop at either of those places. I don't like their advertising at all.

Curly or straight? I always wear mine natural which is sort of a mix between both.
Bun or Ponytail? I like both..... Switching between both is what I usually do :)
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips? Bobby pins cause butterfly clips are a bit youngish looking, don't you think??
Hair Spray or Gel? I refuse to let either of those things to touch my hair. Yuck :P 
Long or Short? I love long hair, but right now mine is medium. I always kinda wanted a pixie cut though.....
Light or Dark? BOTH!
Side Sweep or Full Bangs? I would rather have side sweep.....
Up or Down? Definitely down.

Rain or Shine? Shine, but I do love the smell of rain.
Summer or Winter? Summer 
Fall or Spring? FALLLLLLLL is my favorite season xD
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate!
East coast or west coast? I've never been to any of the coast's of the United States.... but west.

And that is my tag. Honestly I am pretty clueless about most of the fashion world (especially makeup) but there you have it.
I now hereby tag anyone who wants to do this!!