January 29, 2013

Tubesday: Colton Dixon

Happy 200th post!!!!
Anyway, this is a video of a kid my youth pastor showed me. He could be as big as 1D in my eyes! For one, he was on American Idol and made it to the top 9, I think anyways.... But the big thing for me is that he's really cute and he's a Christian! I was proud that he didn't keep that a secret either like someone who has potential to be really famous, but he declared it openly.
Well, he was at the Passion Conference 2013 which I really, really wanted to go to, but couldn't because it's only for college kids. Francis Chan was there, as well as Louie Giglio and many other great Christian artists!
Colton Dixon was there and even though he screwed up the first bit of the song, I don't care. I still love him. He's actually set as my desktop picture on my laptop right now! :0)
The first video is from Passion 2013 and the second is another one of my favorite songs that I like that he sang on American Idol.
Enjoy and check out his hair! 

January 28, 2013

Book Review: T4 by Ann Clare LeZotte

Bonjour! So today we have another "snow" day (in quotation marks because it's actually raining and making things slippery) so I thought I'd review a book read a few days ago. Sorry it's gonna be a short one, it was a short book!


AUTHOR: Ann Clare LeZotte

GENRE: historical fiction

It's 1939, and in a little house in Germany, on a street lined with poplar trees, Paula Becker and her family have come to accept that she is deaf. Paula communicates with her own creative hand signs. She helps her mother cook and watches over her younger sister. At church, the organ's hum shakes her whole body and soul. At home, she awaits the tapping paw of her dog's touch. 
But it is the onset of World War II, and Adolf Hitler's Tiergartenstrasse, or T4, is the headquarters where the Nazi regime maintains strict orders to kill any mentally ill or disabled people. At 13, in fear for her life, Paula must leave home and go into hiding. Written in free verse, T4 exposes the darkness of its time while capturing the wonder and hope of one girl's survival.

GOOD STUFF: I didn't even know about this part in WWII so it raised my awareness on that, it was a well written story, I wasn't bored (I sometimes am with historical fiction), it was a different kind of read for me which broadens the horizon on writing styles

BAD STUFF: Not much, but I didn't like that it was written in free verse (as in poetry). I could get over it, but poems just aren't my style, however it is good for me to read a bit out of my comfort zone every once and a while! Some of the format didn't make sense to me, like she would start a thought and not even finish the sentence but then finish it in the next paragraph. Maybe that's legal in poetry, I don't know.

COMMENTS: A very quick read (I read it in under a half hour), but worth it, very informative

RATING: 4.6 hearing-aids out of 5

RECOMMENDED READERS: I would say anywhere from 4th grade to beyond

January 27, 2013

My Best Art Project EVER

I drew this in art. This picture does not do it justice. 
I call it my "Cow-Fish-Pirate".

January 25, 2013

THIS IS THE BEST YET! On Account of the Sentence Story That Is Taking Place Right Now.....

Hello! So we're doing another sentence story as all of you might know, and in my opinion, this one is realllllllllllly fun! There are so many different ways it could go and it is definitely different than others we've had. I'd love to have you participate, there are plenty of spots open and if we run out, I'll make more :) Click HERE to visit it, this is just what we have so far! But please stick to the rules, or I'll have to make things stricter and I really don't want to do that. We haven't had a problem so far, but last time things got a bit out of hand sometimes and one or two people were dictating the story. Ok, that's my rant. Sorry for that and just read now. Or visit the doc, whatever works.
Love all my readers,

Blue- July
Pink- Hilda
Orange- Seana
Gold- Ruby
Teal- Audrey
Purple- Hermione
Red- Maria

It was mid-afternoon before it all began. Candace was just sitting at her computer, browsing the past comments on her blog when the phone rang.
She got up and scrambled over a pile of worn, but much-loved, books to retrieve it. “Hello?” Candace said into the phone. She received a very peculiar reply: a series of high-pitched beeps followed by a long train of rapidly recited words that were not English, or any other language that Candace recognized. “Hello? Anyone there?” she continued, only to hear another round of the assorted beeps and unfamiliar words.
“Candy, who was that?” Candace’s mother asked her after she hung up.
“Y’know, I was just asking myself the same question!” Candace said, scratching her head, puzzled. “Maybe someone is using a cell phone and isn’t getting good reception. Aw, well.”
Candace had barely sat back down in front of her computer when the phone rang again.
“Not again! This is so annoying!” Candace exaggerated, before storming back over to the pile of books and picking up the phone once again. “I don’t care who you are, or what you want, but will you please, please, please stop calling me?!”
This time she got a response. “Subject 249, there is an error.”
For a few seconds, Candace was so confused and bewildered that she didn’t speak. Then she asked emphatically, “What??!!”
“I repeat,” the voice on the other end replied, “Subject 249, there is an error. Did you not hear me the first time, Subject 249?”
“Dude! You have the wrong phone number!” Candace informed the mysterious caller. She received a peculiar reply of beeps in varying pitches and lengths.
“S....S....ubject 2....4....9......there is an error!” The voice repeated, now sounding urgent.
Candace was so irritated that she unplugged the phone and went back to the computer. She looked at the screen, and for a second the word ‘ERROR’ flashed up on it in big, bold writing; Candace frowned to herself.
“Mommmm!” Candace yelled to her mom after the word ‘ERROR’ kept flashing, “I think someone is hacking my computer! Something is wrong!”
Suddenly, a man’s face appeared on her screen, and his expression was serious as he said, “Subject 249, we will come to your home in exactly 2.7 minutes, because if we don’t, you will perish.”
Stunned into momentary silence, Candace stammered after a few seconds, “W-what?? Who’s a s-subject? Why would I d-die?” For some reason, the man’s face looked mildly familiar to Candace.
“This can’t be real!”  Candace couldn’t shake the familiar face out of her mind. She reached for the power button, and then sat there in silence in front of the blank screen.
Exactly 2.7 minutes later, there came a loud banging on the door, almost like the door would be broken down if they didn’t answer quickly.
Candace froze, not daring to breathe. She listened in petrified terror as her mother walked to the door, paused to look through the door peephole, and then opened the door. “May I help you, sirs?” she greeted politely.
“We’re here for Subject 249! Please stand aside.”
Candace heard a quick scuffle, and she cringed, knowing that her mother had probably been hurt. Still taking silent breaths, Candace plucked up the courage to go closer.
“Subject 249, there’s no use hiding. We can see you.” Slowly creeping back into her bedroom, Candace braced herself as she heard the multiple heavy footsteps make their way closer and closer. Candace dared a glance behind her, but just as she did, she felt an iron grip on her shoulder. She turned to the window and made a dare; she pulled herself away from his grip and jumped out the window.
“Ahh!” Candace yelped, her voice drowned out from the headwind she was creating. “Ugggfuhhgah!!!” she spluttered as she landed painfully on her side. She lay on the ground for seconds, and then she realised those seconds could be the difference between getting to safety and being killed by a complete stranger. “Ow! Not smart,” she mumbled to herself.
Then something strange happened: she felt the same grip on her shoulder, but this time, instead of gripping her tightly, the hand was helping her up. Candace turned her head so she could see her saviour; her green eyes fell upon a boy – around her age – who had messy copper-coloured hair and lanky legs.
“Subject 249,” he whispered sharply, “my name is Eric, and my father has forced me to rescue you. He was the man who contacted you via the computer.”
“W-what?!?” Candace spluttered, “first him, now you? What’s going on?” She tried to make a run for it, but Eric was a lot stronger than she suspected.
“Please don’t struggle, Subject 249,” Eric said, grabbing Candace by the arm. “We need to do this as smoothly as possible.”
“Why are you calling me that? I’m Candace!”
“I’m calling you Subject 249 because that’s what you are.” Eric spat the words, ‘now follow me, and you can meet the rest of your kind.’
“What do you mean, the rest of my kind? Am I just an experiment to you?”
But the only response she received was silence.
Feeling rather incensed, Candace demanded, her voice sounding more confident than she was, “Excuse me, Eric, but you can’t expect me to obey some random strangers that call my home only to transmit random beeps and words, hack into my computer, and then barge into my house and drag me off! Will you please explain what’s going on?!”
Eric bit his lip, worry evident in his eyes. “Subject 249, that is classified info--” He was cut off suddenly by a peculiar noise coming from behind.
In that instant, Candace released his grip from her arm and ran into the woods.  He might call her Subject whatever, but Candace knows she is the one and only Candace.
“Subject 249....HELP! Please! Sub--I, I mean...C-Candace! Help me, please!” She kept running though, and his voice eventually faded into the distance. Even though, Candace knew she was doing herself a favour, she couldn’t help but feel a pang of guilt for leaving Eric behind.
Pulling out her bubblegum-pink cell phone, she texted her mother asking if she was ok.
“I can’t call the police,” the text message from her mother read, “Go without me, I’ll be fine. Trust Eric. I should have told you long ago, but--”
Candy stared at the screen in shock, but before she could continue, the phone was knocked out of her hands and broken by a hurtling body named Eric who was rushing towards her and also being chased by three other large, scary looking men.

January 24, 2013

Haha, I Was Just Caught Red-Handed

I was avoiding my homework and reading posts on Dear Blank, Please Blank website which are really funny (but please note: not all are completely appropriate, I just skip those) and all the sudden I saw this:

I was like, "Whoa! This is so me, like, right now!"
So now I'm gonna start working. Well soon. Maybe ten minutes, we'll see.
Love the procrastinator,

I Feel Like I'm Inside a Snow Globe!

We haven't had much snow here this year which is a rarity in Michigan. But on Monday morning we didn't have school and I woke up and the ground was covered with SNOW! White and fluffy, cold and wet, beautiful and stunning, SNOW! I went over to my friend Rae's house and Rae, Jessie and I played in the snow for a while, but it got really cold because of the negative degrees windchill, so we camped out in the doghouse. Finally when we were let back inside, we had hot chocolate with tons of mini marshmallows and globs of whipped cream. Yum!
(Scroll down for more)

Right outside my front door, you can't really see it snowing, but believe me, it is!
Tuesday I woke up for school and was surprised that it was canceled because of a snow day! I was so happy and I went back to sleep for a few hours. Then I went to Rae's house again and we went outside with nothing but boots and sweatshirts to see how long we would last. Not long I tell you! It was freezing! After we came inside we had more hot chocolate while roasting mini marshmallows on toothpicks over a candle. It didn't work that well, but then again, I don't have the patience for that anyway. We also watched lots of episodes of the first season of OUAT which is almost my new favorite show! I stopped at the worst possible place though. I can't wait to see more, but don't tell me anything about the second season, I haven't seen that yet!
Yesterday, sadly we had school. Ah, well!
But I feel like I'm in a snow globe! It's gorgeous outside, it's snowing huge flakes and the snow is sticking to the trees which makes it amazayn. How can I not feel like a snow globe? Do you guys have snow where you live? I personally can't imagine living in Florida or California and not having snow in the winter time. I would miss it so much because winter is my second favorite season after fall!

That reminds me, I have to do that dare! So you all voted and it looks like I'll be striking up a
conversation with a stranger.... Hard for me to do, but has potential to be very fun! I will be doing this as soon as possible, and I invite you to join me and try the same thing. But make sure you don't just walk up to someone in the store, do it somewhere you feel comfortable, like your school or youth group. I will take dares for February starting in February, so start scheming! xD

January 23, 2013

Fun Picture Post

This is a fun one, I wanna know what you would wish for!
I would wish for either true love, or world peace. That's my honest answer, don't make fun xD

January 22, 2013

Tubesday: A Thousand Years, by Christina Perri

So today I feel like I owe you a post because, well, I just don't know. Anyway, exams went well, the ones I thought would be hard weren't as hard as I thought, and the one I thought would be ok, was actually the hardest, but we got our grades back and I did ok on that. Yesterday was a fake "snow day" which is a day they give us every year just to be off from school. Today, I woke up and I found out that we had a real snow day! I was actually surprised about that because we've barely had any snow all winter and this weekend we got like 5-6 inches!
I went to my friend Rae's house and Jess was there too. We watched Once Upon a Time, the first season though, and that's like me new favorite show! My favorite character was Gram/Huntsman, but then changed to Mary Margaret/Snow White.

So today is Tubesday, so here's a video of one of my favorite songs! It was written for the Twilight series, but I still love it. There are clips from the Twilight movie in it, and even if you don't like Twilight, I think you'll survive. However, there are spoilers for the last book in it, so if you are planning on reading the series, you may or may not wanna watch the music video.

January 18, 2013

January 17, 2013

Banquet Dresses Post #2

So a long time ago, I posted pictures of possible dresses for the banquet. This is what I said:

So at the end of 8th grade this year, we have a banquet for all the 8th graders as a kind of "last hurrah" of middle school. So everybody dresses up really prettily (I know because I was a server last year and saw the dresses) with a fancy dress, fancy hair, fancy makeup, and fancy shoes and jewelry. So I thought it'd be fun to post dresses that I think are cute and get your feedback on what you think! It can't be strapless (dress code rule), so I'd obviously have to cover up strapless dresses with a sweater or cardigan as you "fashionistas" call it :) 

I love red, and I thought this was a super
chic dress

Maybe a bit long, but I love the color and
the way it sits on her shoulders.
Sorry for the volume thing intruding there :P

I fell in love with Cassadee Pope's dress on The Voice
because I LOVE shiny things..... :D

What do you guys think? Would you wear these dresses?

January 16, 2013

"How Does Your Imagination Imagine Me" Answers

So on Sunday, I did this "How Does Your Imagination Imagine Me" thing and thanks to all of you who commented on that post! It was very interesting to find out how you thought of me!

So here's the original questions and the answers in italics!
Do you think I am/I have:

1.) tall or short          medium height, more towards the tall side
2.) skinny or chubby      average, but more toward the skinny side
3.) short hair or long hair      a little longer than my shoulders
4.) brown, black, red, blond, dirty-blond, or dyed hair      dirty-blond hair, I've never dyed it
5.) thick hair or thin hair        I consider it thick
6.) super fashionable or not         not fashionable at all
7.) glasses or no         no glasses
8.) makeup or no makeup        no makeup at all
9.) always painted nails or never painted nails     never painted nails
10.) always accessorized or not        I have double pierced ears and wear a watch
11.) light skin or dark skin         light skin, well I'm caucasian, so duh.
12.) pale or tan         pale year round, however I do have some extremely faded tan lines
13.) mostly outgoing or not      I would consider myself not outgoing, but it depends on who I'm with
14.) introvert or extrovert     I am the biggest introvert you'll meet unless I'm with my very best friends
15.) lots of friends or not        I have my close friends but not a ton of friends who I can just talk to
16.) outspoken or not         I am only outspoken about things I'm very passionate about otherwise not

If you have any more questions about the way I am (my personality or looks), feel free to ask!
Haha, ok bye! Good luck for those of you who have exams this week!

January 15, 2013

Tubesday: Malk

This is for you, Sea. Sorry, if any piece of this video offends you. I find it quite funny.

January 14, 2013

Memory Monday

Hello faithful readers, and for that I thank you, today I decided to start something new. Memory Monday. I was trying to fall asleep last night and out of the blue, I just thought of this! So like Tubesday, which hardly ever happens because I forget about it, Monday will be a special day where I post a memory I have from my past or whatever. I don't want to forget them, and maybe they'll be interesting for you to read too, I don't know. I'll try to be less forgetful about Memory Monday and Tubesday, but knowing me, I'll probably forget anyway xD
I will post the answers for the "How Does Your Imagination Imagine Me" thing hopefully Wednesday, but I have exam this week so things might get a bit delayed since exams prioritize before blogging :(
Now for the memory!

When I was four years old, or in preschool, which would be exactly 10 years ago, we were sitting at tables doing alphabet crafts where you would cute out letters from magazines and sort the letters out in alphabetical order or whatever. Then we would glue the letters on a piece of paper, one paper for "A", another for "B", and so on. A boy wandered over who I had never noticed before. I played with the other kids, but I didn't really have any close friends in preschool. Anyway, so this kid, Wesley, came over and gave me a bracelet that his mom made and I was so shocked, I didn't even know why he gave me the bracelet, I had never talked to him before! When the teachers told me to say thank you, I wouldn't because I was embarrassed about it, and wouldn't thank Wesley.
The whole class went to sit on the rug, but they made me and Wes sit there until I said thanks. I just felt like I couldn't say thanks! I was embarrassed!
Finally, I mustered up the courage to thank him briefly and went over to sit down with the rest of the kids. Of course, he just had to sit next to me!
We became best friends, and by best friends, we were always together, or joint at the hip as some might say. I wore the bracelet everyday of preschool and on the day of preschool graduation, his mom told my mom that they were moving. Out of state. To Wisconsin. I didn't really understand that I would never see him again, so I didn't even get an address or phone number, nothing. What preschool mind thinks of that anyway?
I still have the bracelet, actually, it still fits too! That's what the picture's of and I can only hope that I'll meet Wesley again someday. I've searched him on Facebook and Twitter with no results and then I looked at his letter he wrote me and noticed that his name was R. Wesley Applewood.  I don't even know his first name! I can only dream.

January 13, 2013

How Does Your Imagination Image Me?

Have you ever wondered what you favorite blog authors look like? I mean, doesn't everyone have a picture in their mind of how somebody looks? Especially of somebody who they've never met but only know a bit of the personality of?
I was thinking lately, wondering really, how you imagined me. I obviously don't have any real pictures of me on this blog even though I have posted a picture before that has me and Seana in it, you would never be able to find us in it though.
But anyway, I'm really curious how you imagine I me, image-wise and personality-wise!
Do you think I am/I have:

1.) tall or short
2.) skinny or chubby
3.) short hair or long hair
4.) brown, black, red, blond, dirty-blond, or dyed hair
5.) thick hair or thin hair
6.) super fashionable or not
7.) glasses or no
8.) makeup or no makeup
9.) always painted nails or never painted nails
10.) always accessorized or not
11.) light skin or dark skin
12.) pale or tan
13.) mostly outgoing or not
14.) introvert or extrovert
15.) lots of friends or not
16.) outspoken or not

I would love to hear your answers or other comments about how you imagine me because, well, I'm just curious!
I will try to post the answers as soon as possible, but first I want to get a few people to give comments.
Sorry for the quickie post, but with exams this week, I'm sort of freaking out! Also, I have a poll up for my January "Dare" thing, so you can vote. I'll do another "dare" next month so keep thinking of more ideas!
Also, I finished another book, so if you want to see what I read you could check out the What I've Read: 2013 page.
And one last message for Hilda! Hilda, it look like we'll be continuing with sentence stories, so can you send me the first sentence by either a comment or email? Thanks!

January 11, 2013

Guest Post by Hilda

"Hey guys! Hilda here. I don't know what to say, so I have a poem here to share with you. But before I do, I just want to say that please support your fellow bloggers by visiting their blogs and comment. Also join in on their special events like giveaways, contests, etc. We are a community and it would be very kind if we could all show our support. But I also understand that not everyone has the time. So, just do the best you can and do what your heart tells you. :)

This poem I wrote last year is called:

by (c) 2012 Hilda Leticia Dominguez


I look up at the dark sky,
What do I see?
A shooting star flying by,
Wouldn’t you believe?

I admire the jewels,
Of up above,
Also the animals,
Like the dove.

But one of these is greatest of all,
Is the gift of friendship,
Most of all.

A friend who makes you laugh
And hears your day’s bad story,
Who stands by your side,
And tells you not to worry.

A good friend is like a gem.
So precious and special.
Show them that you love them.
Gratitude is essential.

Have a great weekend! :D "

January 10, 2013

Spelling Bee Results!

Ok, so I'll make this quick because I still have a bit of homework to do.
I was in the spelling bee right? Yeah, I was. So I didn't even study, and didn't expect to make it past the first round, but I got an easy word. At the moment, it has slipped my mind. Anyway, so I made it past and I was sooooo glad one of my goals was accomplished! My second goal was that I wouldn't be the first one out. That worked fine to because Cal, being the hilarious guy that he is, got out right away. On his first word. He was ok with it though because he doesn't take much seriously, which is a good thing in life if you ask me, which none of you did.
Anyway, it was the third round and my turn was next. I twist around in my seat and do the traditional back crack before I go up. Topher, the kid before me (also short for Christopher), had just gotten out and my heart beat sped up instantly as I stepped up the the microphone, all eyes on me.
"Alright July, your word is environment."
"Environment." I reply back, confident that I'll make it through this round as well.
The mic squeals as I back away and look over to the judges table where if they hold a green card up, I'm through, but if they hold a red card, I'm out.
I look over in nervous anticipation, not realizing that I forgot the dreaded "N" and they hold up red cards.
My head goes down, but hey, I made my two goals, and I can't feel too bad because I know how to spell it, I just made a mistake because of the pressure. I would feel worse if I had gotten a word I had never heard or seen before and totally biffed it!
I went back in to watch after I was done drinking my juice out back, and I was thinking that I either wanted an 8th grader to win, or one of my friends.
But alas, all the 8th graders were eliminated while I sat watching on the sidelines. Well then. I either wanted Benji (6th grade), or Lu (6th grade), or Daniel (7th grade), or Daniel's brother Adam (5th grade) to win because there weren't anyone who I knew left in.
I really wanted Dan to win though, because I know him the best and we are pretty good friends. Then I thought it would be funny if two brothers won, so I was rooting for Adam too.
It got down to the last three people, a 7th grader named Caren, Dan, or Adam.
Caren was eliminated and it was up to the two brothers to fight it out for first! I was so amazed that a 5th grader--
anyway, it went on for about 15 more minutes, each of them spelling word after word with ease.
Then there was a stumper. Dan got "subconsciousness" and got that wrong, and his younger brother Adam spelled his right so Adam was declared the winner!
I was really glad they won and gave them high fives, the works. Anyway, I've got homework so talk to you later!

January 08, 2013

Sentence Story #2 Winner!!

So as some of you might know and others of you probably forgot about, we had a sentence story contest so today I'm gonna announce the winner. I only got one entry, so that person basically wins easy!
I think I might discontinue the sentence stories because it's a bit discouraging when you only get one entry and when on the actual sentence story, you have set clear rules but they get broken no matter how many times you ask the people to stop. That just takes the fun out of it for me and others. I'll set a pole out though about whether you guys want to continue it or just be done.
So the winner is.......................... HILDA! Congrats Hilda! Hilda, you win a guest post and if we decide to continue the sentence story, you get the high and mighty privilege of writing the very first sentence :D I'll let you know if we will do that or not later. So here's the original story for those who haven't gotten a chance to read it before and at the bottom will be Hilda's ending!

Blue- July
Pink- Hilda
Red- Selena
Orange- Seana
Black- Meggie
Lime green-Hermione
Maroon- Destiny Skye
Purple-  A. J. Ryan

It was so cold outside, and it was still autumn. Funnily enough, Autumn was the girl’s name as well, and she was out shopping downtown with her best friend Alidea. They were all bundled up in hats and scarves with thick puffer coats.
“Alidea, let’s go to the bakery and get some hot cocoa, I’m freezing!” Autumn suggested.
“Sure, just one--OH MY GOODNESS, LOOK AT THOSE BOOTS!” As Alidea rushed to the shop window, Autumn sighed--there was no coming between Alidea and her shopping.
Alidea walked into the store, hand fumbling with her purse, and stopped suddenly when she saw the cashier. It was her mom, who had abandoned Alidea and her three little brothers with their abusive aunt when she was 8.
“Um, never mind Autumn, let’s just go. I don’t have enough money anyway.” Alidea stammered.
Autumn knew she wanted the boots but she didn’t want to talk to her mom -who had been buying them presents to make up for her abandoning them- so they just stood there awkwardly.
Alidea knew, though, that no amount of presents from her mom would ever make up for what she had done. Because really, if your mother leaves you in the hands of Aunt Ethel who feeds you nothing but boiled cabbage and newts for dinner, generally you’re not feeling warm and fuzzy towards her.
“Let’s go Ali,” Autumn said.
“Yeah,” Alidea agreed while they started toward the exit, quietly.
“Alidea Marie Parker! What are you doing here? And why are you trying to avoid me?”
“Just keep walking!” she whispered to her friend.
“Alidea! You know I did what I had to in order to keep you safe. Even leaving your aunt was better than you staying with me. I’m sorry. But I love you.” her voice couldn’t mask the hurt she felt.
“Keep walking, Alidea,” Autumn said, “You can’t let her control you!”
The exited the door and Alidea’s mom rushed out and grabbed her coat sleeve.
“I am your MOTHER!” Mrs. Parker nearly screamed.
“Yeah, I know that Mom! You abandoned us with Aunt Ethel who only fed us newts, boiled cabbage and hard oatmeal for 3 years and then stuck us in an orphanage, while you’re galavanting about the world doing who knows what and now you come back wanting us to accept what you did as, like, a way of life?”
Alidea stormed off and Autumn followed her with a quick wave to Mrs. Parker who was actually really nice once you got to know her.
“Wait Ali, where are you going?” Autumn ran after her friend.
Alidea glared at her friend, her eyes on fire as she said, “Isn’t it obvious? I’m taking Cedric, Marcus, and Jake and we’re running away; I can’t take this anymore!”
“No, it isn’t very obvious.”
Cedric, Marcus, and Jake were Alidea’s three little brothers who she was very protective of.
“Look, I wouldn’t expect you to understand what I’ve been through!” Adilea snapped, her lower lip trembling.
“I thought I was your friend, Ali.” Autumn had a hurt look on her face.
“If you were really my friend, you would understand my situation.”
“But I do understand Ali! Come with me. You and your brothers can stay at my house!”
“No we can’t. I’m never ever going to see that woman, who claims to be related to us, again. I hate her. And don’t you dare try defending her.” Alidea said storming off.
Autumn stood dumbstruck in the street as she watched her friend go. What had just happened? Was Ali really leaving?
“We’ve been friends since 2nd grade!” Autumn yelled after her fleeing friend, “Please, just listen to me for once!”
“No! I’ve had enough of you and of everyone else! I’m leaving with my brothers to try and find my cousins Aria and Gracie.”
Aria and Gracie were Alidea’s older cousins who were both in the same college, in Florida.
Autumn was on the verge of tears. “Ali,” she said, her trembling voice barely a whisper. “I’m your best friend.”
Alidea burst into tears, “I know, I’m sorry, I don’t know what that was about. Can I live in your guest house with my brothers?”
“Why would you have to stay in our guest house? We have enough room in our house. You know that full well. We have five extra bedrooms and three extra bathrooms and another kitchen for you to use!”
Was it meant to be? To live with her siblings in her best friend’s house?
Even though neither Autumn or Alidea knew it, Alidea’s mom was listening in from the open window in the back of the store hearing every word. She felt a pang of guilt after realizing what she had done to her daughter and sons.
She knew that what Alidea had said earlier was true and it nearly ripped her heart out. She knew she had been unfair to her daughter. But how could she face her again, knowing that her daughter now despised her?
“But Autumn, your mom can’t know that I am staying with you or she’ll call my mother or aunt!”
Alidea reasoned.
“Oh, no she won’t. I’ll just tell her that we’re having a sleepover and you didn’t want to leave your brothers alone. Anyways, she still doesn’t know that your mother is back from Italy.”
“But a sleepover that lasts more than one night? I don’t think she’ll fall for that...”
“Well, I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll think of something.” At that moment, Mrs. Parker decided to run out and plead with her daughter.
Her pleads turned the already horrible problem even worse, and the fact that Autumn was caught in the middle of it didn’t help.
“But Alidea please!” Mrs. Parker cried. “You must forgive me.” Alidea turned away from her mother, not daring to make eye contact.
“Just leave us alone mother,” Alidea struggled to keep her voice even, “Let’s go to the bakery and talk this out Autumn.”
“No, wait!” cried her mother in tears.
Alidea and Autumn finally walked away leaving her mother in the dust for until next time.
Her mother then thought, should she follow them or should she stay?
She decided that it wasn’t worth it to try and talk to them today. Maybe I can win over her little brothers, she thought, then I’ll be able to talk to her.
Alidea was silent the rest of the walk to the bakery.
“You know, it’s not gonna help if you’re mean to your mom. it’s just gonna make an already terrible problem worse” Autumn said, trying to mend things with Alidea and her mom while not upsetting their friendship.
“I know, but I just can’t stand her without thinking about what she did to my brothers and me, she ruined lives and broke their hearts. Jake was only one and he doesn’t even remember her at all!”
“When my mom and I fight, we later settle our differences and she tells me that moms make mistakes too.”
“Yeah, but that’s your mom! My mom is totally different. After Cedric was born, my father died and my mother ran away. This is the first time I have seen her since I was eight. She really didn’t care about us. I still don’t know if she cares about us.”
“She asked for your forgiveness, Ali, she wants to have a relationship with you again!”
“Maybe, but I definitely have to think about it and talk it over with my brothers.”
“But nothing!” Ali snapped. Realizing that she had been harsh with her friend, her voice softened.
“Sorry, Autumn but can we please get off this topic? I’m tired of talking about my mom!”
“Yeah but it’s going to come back to haunt you sometime.”  said Autumn “But on a different note, what are we going as for Halloween?” They always went trick-or-treating together.
“Well, I’m going to be a gypsy and Cedric, Marcus and Jake all want to be Captain America or some kind of superhero like that. We’ll have to take them with us this year.” Alidea said.
“One of my neighbors told me that she will be giving out full-size candy bars!” said Autumn. “We gotta go to her house first on Halloween.”
“Duh! Well if we all go as superheroes I want to be the Black Widow or Iron Man. and Chris Evans is the only one perfect enough  to be Captain America” Alidea said to which Autumn  quickly replied “You’re totally obsessed! But still he's in some pretty awesome movies.”
“But wait, Ali! You just said you wanted to be a gypsy. And now you’re saying that you want to be Ironman or the Black Widow? Your brothers are going to be superheroes and you and I are going to be gypsies. No changing your mind now!”
“Yeah but if we all go trick-or-treating together then mismatched outfits looks jippy. Plus I need an excuse to watch The Avengers... again!” They went on chatting happily until they finally got picked up and went home.
“Dear me, Autumn!” Autumn’s mom said as she saw her rosy cheeks and runny nose, “Bundle up a bit more next time!”
“Mom! It was nearly 60 degrees when I went out! I had no idea that the temperature would drop 40 degrees! Is it ok if Alidea and her little brothers sleep over tonight?”
“Her little brothers? Why not just the two of you?”
“Well..... Their aunt is taking a night to go on a business trip, so they would be home alone,” Autumn explained, quickly.
“Anyways, they don’t like being away from me”, Alidea said.
Autumn’s mom knew that Alidea’s aunt was very abusive and mean, so she could understand.
“Fine, but for how long?”
“Well, maybe the whole weekend... if it’s ok with you, mom!” Autumn added.
“Well, ok. But make sure your aunt is ok with that!” her mom said.
“Oh, I already asked her,” Alidea said sarcastically, “She’s totally fine with it. For all she cares we could stay at your house until we die!”
“Well, that’s not so great but all right. Alidea, if you and your brothers want to stay until Halloween, that would be fine. I’ll even buy your costumes!”
Alidea wrenched her face into a lopsided grin and nodded her thanks, while a couple miles away her mother was doing the same thing to Alidea’s little brothers.
But why was she doing that?
Alidea’s mom was obviously trying to get on their good side after failing so badly with Alidea, because a mom only has one chance with her kid.
Well, thought Alidea’s mother, now that I won over her brothers, I’ll see if I can get them to talk to Alidea. After that, my plan to get her and her brothers to give me their inheritances will definitely succeed! Then I’ll be the richest woman in the world!
The greed in her eyes was evident, though Cedric, Marcus, and Jake were too busy exchanging wary glances and mouthing things behind their mother’s back to notice.
“See boys, I made a mistake when I left you to your aunt. I had to get my life together enough to buy that snakeskin purse set, and at the time, that was slightly more important than taking care of you...”
Obviously telling them that buying a snakeskin purse set was more important than them didn’t get her on their inheritance, even though she would be old and dead by the time they died and left her their inheritance, unless she killed them but they wouldn’t have a lot of money if she did.
“Really, I promise! You can come and stay with me until Halloween and I’ll even buy you costumes... How ‘bout it?” she asked.
Something fishy was going on here.
Even though they were young, they still knew not to trust the lying jerk who cared more about money than her own kids.
Cedric, the youngest of the three, squinted at his mother and said, “Mom, if you care so much about us, why didn’t you come and get us sooner?”
The “oh-so-innocent” woman shifted uneasily in her seat. “Because, sweetie, I...” she paused to think. “I was afraid that you’d be mad.” She ended her sentence with a phony smile and batting her eyelashes at the three boys in front of her.
When your mom bats her eyelashes at you, it doesn’t have the same effect as if someone you like like bats their eyelashes at you, but they bought the story.
For the record, Marcus had a worm of doubt eating away at him that was mirrored in Cedric’s mind, while Jake entertained the thought that maybe their mother was alright after all.
Realizing the boys were now on her side, their mom added the subject of Alidea to the conversation.
“Would you boys be able to talk to Alidea for me? She hasn’t been responding to any emails or texts. She won’t even talk to me!”
Cedric and Marcus shared a suspicious glance before turning back to their mother.
Alidea was known for always answering emails and texts the second she got them, unless she was really mad at the email sender, and she never missed an email or text because she was always online, so something was off.
But what was it?
Alidea had good instincts and if she didn’t trust or like their “mom” then they shouldn’t either.
Cedric spoke up first saying, “Mum...are you sure you didn’t do something to upset Ali?”
“Oh, no, my dear boys, I never did anything! She just won’t talk to me and I’ve been heartbroken, just heartbroken about it, you can’t even imagine,” their mother fake cried.
“We don’t believe you!” the boys cried.
“I don’t care if you’re our mother! If Alidea doesn’t trust you, we won’t either!” Marcus stated, crossing his arms firmly over his chest.  
“Boys, boys! Don’t break my heart as well.... give me a chance and you’ll see!”
“No mom.” the youngest, Jake, said, “We’re leaving.”
And they walked away from her and wandered through town back to their aunt’s house because they didn’t know about the sleepover at Autumn’s yet.
Unfortunately, their mother knew that Alidea was planning for her and her little brothers were planning to sleep over a Autumn’s house so she called Autumn’s mother to prevent it.
“Hello, yes, is Autumn’s mom there? Why yes, this is Alidea’s mom and her aunt said that they kids should stay at my house while she’s away on her business trip, she they can get used to me again. I’ve worked on my anger problems so I won’t abuse them or anything. She said when they come over, tell them to come to my house” the She-Devil lied into the phone, apparently trying to lie well enough to make Autumn’s mom believe her.
“Well Marie, I didn’t know that you were back yet so I think it will be best if I keep the boys and Alidea overnight.” Autumn’s mom said.
“Well I was going to have them come and live with me, so the longer they can stay with me the better.” she said, a stab in the dark for the kids making up with her, getting her money and lowered taxes.
“Um, no. I’m sorry Marie, I think I’ll keep them this time. I will have to talk to their aunt myself about them staying with you first and I can’t do that until she comes back. Not that I don’t trust you, Marie, it’s just that... well, I’d rather talk to their aunt about it first.”
With that, Autumn’s mom hung up, leaving Marie screaming in fury and slamming the phone down.
Meanwhile, Alidea, Cedric, Markus, and Jake were just meeting up at Autumn’s house.
“Alidea!” the boys said, “You’ll never guess who just talked to us!”
“Who? It wasn’t Mother was it? You boys know better than to trust her...”
“Yes it was. And guess what? She cares more about her snakeskin purse set than she does for us! How crazy is that?”
“It’s her. Nothings crazy. She would trade her soul for high heels and her mind for eternal beauty. if she hasn’t already.” Alidea said, completely serious.
“Uh, Ali? Don’t you think you’re exaggerating just a little bit?” Autumn asked.
“You don’t know our mom like we do Auts.”
“Remember when we were younger and she made US rob stores so she wouldn’t get in trouble, and she could still keep the jewelry?” Cedric said, proving Alidea’s point.
“But maybe she’s changed now,” Autumn said, “You never know.”
Jake shook his head furiously, not saying anything, but the expression on his face was livid.
Alidea could tell that he didn’t want anything to do with their mother. She didn’t want anything to do with her either.
Alidea made eye contact with each of her brothers in turn, mouthing “Later” to each of them.
“Maybe, but lets get their sleeping arrangements now and talk about my mom like... never! deal? good! lets go!” Alidea said, not even waiting for the reply that Autumn didn’t want to say.
They walked into the guest bedroom where Alidea’s brothers were staying.  Just as the boys were getting settled, they heard a creak outside the window, and saw a silhouette run away from the window.
“What was that Autumn?” Marcus asked, terror on his face.
Autumn squinted in the direction of the window, and chose her words carefully saying, “It might have been...well...it’s a small possibility, really...but...it might’ve been...just might’ve because it’s a really slim chance...that it was...your mother...”
Alidea’s face blanched and she whipped around to face the window. Marcus, attempting to lighten the mood, said, “Um...it might not have been her. I mean...the woods in your backyard is full of animals, right, Autum?”
“What? Um, yeah, a few... wolves, birds, foxes, squirrels, owls, and other things, why?”
“Well, um, maybe it was just a wolf...a really big wolf...” Marcus attempted to wipe his previous look of terror off, but it was still visible through his eyes.
Jake let out a small whimper and buried his face in his sister’s shoulder.
Well, let’s move on shall we? Who wants some cookies?” Autumn asked.
No one responded to Autumn’s failed attempt to change the subject.
“Dude! If it was mom... if it was... I think the only way to get away from her is to run away... Do you still have a tree house? The one you made in third grade with you brother, that you even added heating to? It has like doors and windows? Could we stay there?” Alidea asked, talking about a tree house that was so big it had a bathroom and even electricity, self generated of course.
Autumn bit her lip and started to speak, but was rudely interrupted by the sound of frantic, sharp knocking on the bedroom door, followed by a woman’s shriek.
The boys, Alidea and Autumn ran to the door and opened it to find their mother with a knife in her hand and Autumn’s mother slumped at her feet.
“Autumn, give me my children,” she hissed slightly out of breath, but terrifying all the same, “Or someone else will get hurt.”
Alidea and her brothers all gave Autumn terrified looks that clearly were begging her not to do it.
But what could she do? Marie had clearly said that if she didn’t do what she asked, someone else would get hurt-- it could be her dad, her brother, or even her dog.
“Okay fine. I’ll explain but then you’ll have to come!!! deal?” she started almost screaming, “I’m a spy. Non-American, not good. That’s the real reason I abandon you. To keep you safe. But then they found out about you. Thats why I’ve been worming my way into your life.To hide you. Don’t worry Autumn, your mom’s fine, just unconscious”.
“How do we know that’s not a cover story, mum, you’ve been lying to us all our lives!”
Alidea’s mom pulled out a badge reading Kaos, to which Marcus responded “Chaos? spelled with a K? like in Get Smart? the one with the really stupid guy named Smart?”.
“Yeah, well Get Smart is real. And I was the leader of Kaos. Anymore questions you want to ask, waiting for the other Kaos agents to find and kill us all?” Alidea’s mom said.
“why didn’t you tell us?” Alidea asked, obviously angry, because when a mom dumps you at your aunts and is the head of a criminal organization, you have a right to be angry.
Her mother smiled softly. “Oh, sweetheart,” she tried to place her hand on her daughter’s shoulders, but Alidea drew back. “I was only trying to protect you. It was so dangerous, having you, and then your father was...” her voice trailed off.
“Well, Alidea, you do know what get smart is right?” at Alidea’s blank look she continued “Okay fine. Get Smart is a TV show from my era, where there were these two criminal organizations. Kaos and Control. Kaos is the bad guys trying to takeover or destroy the world or control. most likely both. BUT Control’s the good guys organization. They stop Kaos and save the world. Both Kaos and Control are real. I was and technically still am the head of Kaos, the bad guys. Your father was the chief of Control. the good guys. so... yeah.” Alidea’s mom finished just as the window right behind them shattered and a gunshot rang out. “Ow!” Autumn cried, blood gushing out of her arm, right below the shoulder.
Autumn looked up from her injured shoulder and saw a man walk up behind Alidea’s mom.  Alidea’s mom said “I’ll finish talking with you later, when you are in a more suitable place to talk, and before they come.” Alidea’s mom walked up to her daughter and hit her on the head, Alidea dropping to the floor.

“No!” Autumn screamed, and Alidea’s mom looked towards her, raising her fist. Then everything faded into darkness as the strange man’s own fist connected with her skull.
When Autumn awoke, she was in a dark cabin, with closed curtains and a locked door,a fresh bandage on her aching shoulder, though she could still feel the bullet in her arm, Alidea icing her head, Marcus and the rest of the brothers were exploring the cabin, Alidea’s mom was having a hushed conversation in the corner with the very suspicious man who was in her house earlier. Autumn sat up and Alidea’s mom and the strange man dressed in all black quickly stopped talking at once and glared at her.
Alidea scooted over and huddled next to Autumn, “Mom, just let us go!” she pleaded.
“Marcus, Cedric, Jake, come here, honey bunches,” Alidea’s mom, Marie Parker ordered.
“Why are you doing this mom? Who is this man?”
“Well Alidea, my daughter, you want the real story? I love your brothers, my sweet, sweet, babies with all my heart, but you.... You and the other baby were the unwanted children, the ones we never cared about....”
“What other child?” Alidea choked.
“Did you ever notice how similar you and Autumn look, did you think it was a coincidence that you have the same birthday? Well, you’re twins and your father was the head of the good guys, Control, as you know.”
“And I am Kaos Agent 2, I am second in command, after your dear mother. The boys are my sons.”
“What?” Alidea and Autumn looked dumbstruck.
“It’s true, they aren’t really your brothers. Oh and by the way, I killed Control Agent 1, your father,” Kaos Agent 2 bragged.
Alidea sprang up and lunged for Agent 2’s neck.
“You...are....a...complete...MONSTER! You will pay for that you...you...dirty, double-crossing, murdering sleazeball!” she roared, her face streaked with tears.
Autumn grabbed Alidea and pulled her back with her good arm, noticing that Kaos Agent 2 was still holding a gun, “Wait, so we’re twin sisters? And Marcus, Cedric, and Jake are really our half brothers?”
Jake spoke up saying “Wait wait wait. Explain it to me like I’m a five year old. Cause i didn’t get any of that”
“Um, Jake? You are a five year old.”
“That’s besides the point, since I’m clearly six years old. Tell me why Autumn thinks that I’m her half brother, when I look nothing like her.”
“Autumn and Alidea’s father was Control Agent 1, who I made a huge mistake with thinking we would be forever, and you three’s dad is Kaos Agent 2,” Marie explained again. “Any more questions?”
“Yes, will you please let us go and never talk to us again?” Alidea asked.
“We can’t do that, now that you know the truth, you could tell anyone.”
“I was thinking about doing just that. Planting the information on a front page article in the newspaper,” Marcus retorted snottily, showing a side of himself that Alidea had never seen before.“Marcus!” Alidea chided. “You know better than to talk that way. Even if it is to our
double-crossing mother.”
Cedric made a face to show exactly what he thought of their double-crossing mother.
“No nasty faces either.”
“Dear boys, I know this must come as a nasty shock to you that I’m your father and that she isn’t your real sister, but if you do anything like that again, someone will get hurt.”
Alidea nodded absently, keeping her eyes locked on Jake, in case he decided to follow his brothers’s lead and do something to offend the agent and their mother.
“Oh, also kids,” Agent 2 said,”When you try to escape, if you don’t die in your attempt you will most certainly not be alive for very soon after.”
“Don’t you threaten my sister!” Jake shouted, his little hands balling into fists. Alidea sighed inside, cross with herself from preventing his outburst like she had been planning.
How are we going to get out of here? Alidea thought. She smiled as an idea came to her.

Now for Hilda's ending xD

"After Alidea gave the signal, her brothers threw stinks bombs and fireworks and made their escape. Alidea dragged behind when she saw a letter on the floor beside the trash can. Without thinking, she grabbed it and ran off after her brothers. 

They stopped behind a grocery store and panted. "What is that?" asked one of her brothers. Alidea read on with a shock expression on her face. "Come on, tell us!"

"I don't believe this! Mom was blackmailed! All this was a lie. She does care about us. Here, look." She handed them the letter and could see that they were also relieved to learn that their mother had done all of this to protect them; she does love her children after all, though Alidea with a smile."