November 29, 2012

Today At Exactly 5:48 PM.....

I won NaNoWriMo! I know my word goal wasn't big, but since this was my first year, I thought I'd better take it easy. Next year though.... we'll have to see what I do next year! I'm proud no of everyone who finished NaNo this year no matter how big or small of a word goal you had, it's all a big accomplishment. Now that was my mini-sermon on that, so all you who still have a few more words left, leave this page right now and write!
~July, a proud winner of the 2012 Youth NaNoWriMo

November 28, 2012

NaNo Update!

Sososososo, I thought I'd give you a super duper quick update on NaNo, I have been super writing today, and I only have 866 words left!
I will be finishing either tonight or sometime tomorrow after school. Yay!
Next year, I will be managing my time much more wisely though so I can have a much larger word goal.
I don't think you will be getting the last two guest posts that I had scheduled, because my friends never got them done. *cough, cough.... AJ Ryan, Em..... cough, cough* But that's ok, Nano is done on Friday so I'll be back to posting normally soon.
I promise that I'll do another book review soon! I haven't done one forever, and I'm itching to do it!

November 27, 2012

My Question For All You "Veterans" of NaNo

Ok, so hello everybody. I'm making some good progress on NaNo now, thankfully my writer's block is nearly almost all gone! I just have one question for all you who have finished NaNo already or who have done NaNo in the past.
My question is: After you submit your novel to verify it and win, can other people read your whole thing or is it just you who can?
Please if you are able, take two seconds to answer this question because I really want to know! :)
Thanks lovelies!

November 23, 2012

My Thoughts On NaNoWriMo

Ok so I thought I'd quickly update you about my progress on NaNo. I am absolutely positively sure that I'm not gonna be able to finish this year :(
1. I didn't think about how I had to write and finish it in 10,000 words
2. I do not feel like starting all over because I like what I have now
3. I don't have time to make my word goal higher because NaNo is almost done
4. I can write 10,000 words, but I can't finish what I've started because I set it up without thinking about it to be a longer thing

Well, I'm still gonna try to finish it 10,000 words but my ideas have piled up and I can't make it a good story in that few words. Sigh, I'll definitely do it again next year! Another thing that has been hard to is that I'm doing two writing challenges at one, the 100 for 100 Challenge and NaNo. Its piling up a bit, I'm working on two different stories.
Anyway, Happy NaNo-ing.
A saddened me,

November 21, 2012

Guest Post by Carter

Hey everyone! So today is another guest post and I asked my friend Carter (click HERE to visit his and four other 8th grader's blog) from to take it. If you noticed, Avery who did a guest post earlier, and he are from the same blog :P 
Read away!

Hello to all people who are reading this right now, as you might see from the way I write, I am not July. I was actually asked to do a guest post for her while she works on a masterpiece for NANOWRIMO, I thought I might do something on The Westing Game because I seem to be hearing a lot about this book lately, but I can't write a ton because there are so many spoilers, but I'll do my best. So here it goes.

The Westing Game, Ellen Raskin
By: Carter

Okay, first thing's first, characters, there's 16 of them that are part of the Game, so I'll just give you a little background info on all of them:

Turtle Wexler: Turtle is pretty much the closest you get to a main character, she's smart, cunning, and 13. Turtle has a habit of kicking the most annoying person in the room and has a love for her sister, Angela, and her treasured braid that she wears everywhere. 

Sandy Mc Southers: Doorman to the wonderful Sunset Towers, Sandy is a poorly educated man the becomes partners with the Judge and is great friends with Turtle

Angela Wexler: Angela is Turtle's older sister who is engaged to Dr. Denton Deere. She is only known for her beauty, nothing else, even with here high grades in college for being a doctor, Angela drops out for her mom, who is a control freak.

Grace Wexler: Grace is one of the most controversial characters in the book, you don't know whether to like her, or hate her. She is an interior decorator and helps with Hoo's restaurant

Theo Theodorakis (seriously, no spell check for this, but for Wexler?): Theo is a kid who really lives for his brother. Gives half of the 10,000 dollars given to him just for his brother's medical needs and gives up his dream of going to college for the medication. Theo loves to write anything and is pretty smart in school, he does well and doesn't really have a problem with it. Theo also is one of the characters that loves to play chess

Chris Theodorakis: Chris, on the outside, is just another disabled kid that can't control his body, but on the inside, Chris is probably one of the smartest people in the Westing Game Theo love to watch birds and figures out how some of the clues fit together.

Dr. Denton Deere: Dr. Deere is a doctor (obviously) who is engaged to Angela. Dr. Deere is partnered up with Chris, who he wants only to sign the paper and get it over with, but starts to have an okay relationship with him as the book rolls out.

Otis Amber: Otis Amber is a letter carrier that never finished the fourth grade according to most of the characters in the book. He is also accused of the murder of Sam Westing by most of the groups.

Berthe Erica Crow: Crow is an alcoholic cleaning lady that seems to know Otis Amber really well, not much more I can say without giving anything away

James Shin Hoo: Mr. Hoo is an inventor that starts a restaurant after his paper invention is stolen and he sue's Westing Paper Products. He has a strange competitiveness with the coffee shop downstairs.

Sun Lin Hoo: Sun married James for reasons we don't know. She wants to go back to China and starts taking extensive measures to get a ticket.

Doug Hoo: He runs, not much else than that and pulling Turtle's braid. He doesn't care that much about the Westing Game

Each one of these characters is matched up with another one to figure out who killed Sam Westing. Westing writes a will that starts the big mystery. Each one of these people were secretly put into Sunset Towers by Barney Northrup. And sends all of these people into an adventure that will change how they look and the world. Each group finds different ways to interperent and obtain the clues. The story is filled with twist, turns, theft, and bombs that make the tension increase throughout the story. 

I love this story, it goes by quick, but it's worth it. Make sure you know the characters and keep them separate because otherwise everything will become extremely confusing.

Buy Westing Paper Products!

~ Carter

November 16, 2012

One Does Not Simply Read This Post (Guest Post By Seana)

Today's guest post as I mentioned yesterday is by Seana, one of my real life besties! Click HERE to visit her lovely blog. Oh and click RIGHT HERE to visit the blog we shared together. Enough said, just read!

I have come to invade July's blog. I've got my trusty lasso by my side, and a bag of marshmallows. Oh, and a Nerf gun handy if things get nasty. At any rate, I suppose I ought to thank July for letting me invade her blog for a little bit. Thanks, bucko!

Listen, guys... and/or girls. Abominable snowmen. I was thinking (which is a dangerous pastime) about those books everyone either loves or hates. Twilight, for example. Some people are die-heart fans (not me), some call the series "a waste of time," and others yet, have never read the books, nor do they plan to anytime in the near future (me). It really just goes to show that when you write something, you will not be able to make everyone happy. I know, I'm sounding like a downer, but it's true. Even with Harry Potter, some critics were really rough on the J.K Rowling's writing style. But even so, she kept writing. And writing. Then...BOOM. Here came Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. If J.K. Rowling had given up after her first few books, she'd never have gotten to where she is now. If someone tells you they don't like your writing, don't give up. 

The same is true for things other than writing. Never give up your dreams, no matter how extreme they are. Just remember this: If someone makes you feel bad about your dream, or tells you that it's a silly idea, just shoot 'em with your Nerf gun. Those foam pellets'll teach them. (Just make sure you know which end is which. I made the mistake of shooting myself in the face once.)

Ya'll are probably wanting to kick me out of here, so I'll leave you with this picture, in hopes that you'll set your dreams as high as he did. 

That is all.

November 15, 2012

Check Me Out!

Hey guys! I could be ranting and raving to you all how today added up to the be worst day ever (not even kidding), thanks to a few minor (major) events, but I won't because that could take a while and you need to write your novels.
But amidst all the NaNo scramble, I managed to write up a guest post for Emma from Bookworm/Future Author blog.... Click HERE to read it!
Tomorrow on this blog will be another guest post from Seana, if you still want one, email me at and I'll set you up with a date.
Good night,

November 14, 2012

Guest Post Two Days Late ;P by Avery

Hey guys, so I got Avery another friend to do a guest post for you guys... of course being the very responsible and reliable person that she is, she got it in to me two days late ;P Love you Avery, but I sent you like 10 emails, haha!
Click HERE to visit the blog Avery and three other 8th graders, Josh, Carter, and AJ, made.

This is Avery from Books, Books Everywhere. July asked me to guest post so here I am! I really didn't know what to do it on soooo.... This week on our blog I am going to do a review on the Leviathan trilogy. Come and read it. Thank you for a guest posting space July! Read Books, Books Everywhere!

November 12, 2012

Ok, I've got some serious NaNo-ing to do...... I had to lower my word goal because I wasn't sure if I could make my old one, but I've just been hit with the worst case of writers block! Well, today that will change... just keep in mind that my book might not be up to it's usual quality thanks to this curse. I'll try to have another guest post up for you tonight, but the person who was scheduled to do it today forgot. Yup, they forgot. We'll see, maybe tomorrow, but hopefully tonight.

November 08, 2012

Guest Post by Meggie!

So I asked y'all earlier if anybody would be willing to do a guest post, and I got a few takers. I'll still take more though! Email me if you want to at

This is Meggie's hair... that is noticeable if you ask me!
Anyway, so the first guest poster is my long time friend, Meggie is slightly strange, odd, and random (I love you Meggie, you know it's true though), and loves to use sarcasm. Oh and she wanted me to tell you that she loves Anime... whatever that is... and that she wants to see a lot of comments. Here goes!

This is a guest post so I guess I'm just kind of winging it.  
The other day my brother was bleaching his hair and then he dyed it red. Personally I liked it better bleached because he looked like an anime character. I don't know if that was just because I'm slightly (SERIOUSLY) obsessed with Naurto, Fullmetal Alchemists, Bleach (like i did to my hair tips :p) and Dragon Ball. Thankfully, my brother's friend agreed, but well I swear, like me, my brother, and his friends are the only people who watch anime. I mean I've met like a few people but not that many. It sort of stinks. 
So, back to the hair dying, my amazing tips are now blonde compared to my usual dark brown. It's pretty good looking. At least i think it is. Today at school, where nobody understands me, and I have like 5 friends (I just love it so much! I mean, who doesn't like being alone in the worst part of the world: school?) Nobody noticed unless I showed them. Plus my "friend" (after she noticed someone's hair done differentially!), when I said, "Oh, so you notice her hair in a braid not a ponytail, but you don't notice mine from dark brown to light blonde?" 
She says, "No offense but", 
Whenever someone says that, it's offensive 
"it's not that noticeable"
I mean, she's so right. I mean it's not like my hair goes from like DARK BROWN to LIGHT BLONDE naturally!!! I mean, who notices stuff like that. I'm seriously alone in my own world.

November 06, 2012

Happy Election Day!

So today in honor of Election Day, I decided to squeeze a post in. First of all, if you live in America and are over the age of 18, get of your couch and go vote now! One vote matters. Ok that's my pep talk for y'all today, I'm not allowed to vote because I'm too young, but if I could vote for either Romney or Obama, I would vote for my invisible cat. Yup, he ran, nobody can see him though, or his ads because they're invisible and nobody can understand him when he makes those phone calls that you always get because it's just some quite meowing and hissing...
Yup that was my cat. Anyway, Happy Voting and may the odds be ever in my cats favor! Oh boy, this is what NaNoWriMo does to me... :P

November 05, 2012


So everyone. On the topic of NaNo: I've written 3,359 words so far, but I haven't been working fast at all because I sort of have a mild case of writer's block :( This is bad! If I want to meet my goal, I have to get writing! Anyway, I decided that I'd share a bit of what my book was about with you using my book summery that I have on my NaNo page and a brief excerpt. It's actually harder to write a summery of your own book than I thought. I wrote my like how you would see in the front cover or on the back so here it goes:

The tale of four futuristic girls who daringly outwit the government's Bureaucrats so they can live their own lives in freedom.
Galaxy Robins, an only child under the parenthood of a vulgar workaholic mother; Gemma LaFleure, a peppy girl with a mannerism of persuasiveness like no other; and Pine and Cedar Lenning, twin girls who are ready to get away from their large family and snotty sisters, will have to plan everything perfectly and be very careful about who they can trust along the way to liberty.

I'm sorry if that doesn't interest you in the least, but I may have a different style of writing, so deal with it :P  
But here's an excerpt from the beginning that will probably get majorly changed in the near future ;)

“I am invisible. I am stealthy. I am smarter than they are.” I panicked. I was in the forbidden room, the one that we were not allowed to enter. Ever. 
I took the small vile with glowing purple liquid and shoved it into my shirt pocket.
“Galaxy Robins!” A Bureaucrat called.
Shoot! They must've come in while my guard was down...
“I know you're in here, come out, come out wherever you are, love,” she mocked,trying to show me how she wasn't scared of me. That she had all the power over me.
No! I thought. They do not control me! I am my own person. Should I uncover myself? Make myself seem innocent? No, I can't let them think that I'm weak. I can't endanger my friends either, I am in here for them and I will not let them down! 

That meant one thing only: that I would have to play dumb. I pushed the vile down deeper into my drab, grey school uniform, making sure that it didn't show through the thin cotton cloth. Stepping out, I hollered, “Hello? Is anybody in here? I can't find my way out!”
The Bureaucrat smiled that same blood red smile that they all had. All the Bureaucrats looked the same. Tight cochineal red lips, powered pale faces, waxed eyebrows, straight bleached-blond hair, stick thin bodies, skin-tight black uniforms, but most of all, they were all women. They run our country and pride themselves on not having a single man in it. They are our teachers, bosses, and principals. They get all the jobs of importance. You see, they control us, the women here in Domaine Unit. There are seven unit's in Median, but out of all seven I've only been to one. That would be Domaine, where I was born and where I'll always stay because there are laws stating that one cannot go outside of their own unit. That is unless our plan succeeds.
“Galaxy,” she sighed heavily with surprisingly much grace, “what are you doing in here?”
“Well, you see,” I snuck an glance at her name badge, “Bureaucrat Waters, I was looking for my new Advanced Bio class. I am supposed to start it today and I ran into the wrong room.” Me starting a new bio class was not a lie. Maybe I lied just a little bit when I said I ran into the wrong room though.
“Ah. I see. Let me escort you down to your class then. What number?” All our classes were labeled with a number instead of a teacher's name because a lot of teachers have similar names.
“Number 319,” I said.
She took me down to class number 319 and gave the teacher a pass for me being late.
I guess that's why I hate the bureaucrats so much. They act so nice and kind to you, but then when no one's looking or they want a reminder of their power, they get real nasty, like they have two faces or something. Power can get to people's heads, I'm sure. I'll never know of course, I was born in this place at this time where you can't just step up to power, you have to earn it.

Yeah, that is gonna get changed. Ha, don't you hate it when write something and you're like "this sounds great" but when you reread it and it sounds dumb? That always happens to me!
Anyway, any tips would be greatly appreciated so feel free to comment away. Also since I won't be posting quite as often as normal during NaNoWriMo, I would like to ask for some volunteers to do a guest post this month. Comment if you would like to, it can be about anything, don't be shy! Well, anything as long as it's appropriate! Just an idea would be a piece of your writing, or if you're not a writer you could do a book review, fashion, craft, recipe, advice, or just plain talking about your favorite fall activity. Anything you come up with would be great! Just email 
if you would be willing, it would be greatly appreciated. :) 
Happy NaNo-ing,

November 01, 2012

Ready, Get Set, NANOWRIMO!

So it's way too long since I've posted and today's gonna be a short one (sorry), but that's because I've got to work on my NaNoWriMo! Today is November 1... that only means one thing: NaNoWriMo begins. Ok, so I've already gotten 3,359 words written for my story. Took me so long.... I may already be getting a slight case of writer's block! :( How could this be happening! Well, I'll get over it eventually... I hope... Anyway, I'll try to keep up my posting scheduale, but I'll be busy writing like CRAZY, so I don't know how many posts I'll be able to squeeze in.
I'll be NaNoWriMo-ing and eating my Halloween candy stash along the way! :P