August 31, 2012

Tweet, Tweet!

Hey guys!
So today I hung out with Sea and Christine, they came to my house for a couple hours... we had a ton of fun watching YouTube videos and getting slurpies from 7-11. Oh and talking! Anyway, I just thought I'd tell you that I got a Twitter! @julyaemmance is my name so if you have a Twitter, feel free to follow me! I'll be tweeting about books I've just finished and the rating I gave them. Plus the occasional update about Dancing in the Rain and my new book, Galaxy's World. It gives my blog a bit more publicity too, so those who don't know about my blogs but just happen to stumble across Twitter, will possibly find this blog! So I'd love to see your name following me, I'll follow back! If you don't have a Twitter account, you can check out my latest tweets down on the right side of my blog. Anyway, I have a book to review, hopefully tomorrow, and lots more reading to do!

August 29, 2012

I'm BACK!!!

Hey girlies! I'm like finally back! First day of school was yesterday :( but today we got our laptops back so I'm back to blogging! I'm sorry I don't have much time today, but I promise I will do all the girl advice stuff and answer all the other questions I got in emails this summer. I appreciate your patience with that though. And thanks for emailing me! It means a lot and lets me know that y'all care about me too!

News about school: I like my teachers, but my class is sort of an odd mix if you know what I mean... we got all the misfits I guess, and all the really quiet people.

AWWW! Just a random pic that I thought was cute!
Before summer was over, I posted a list of what I wanted to do this summer... guess how much of it I actually did? Yeah, if you guessed almost none, you were correct! This is sort of a random post, I'll be skipping around a bit here. My apologies! I watched AGT of course which is still going on. Tonight they reveal who moves on to the finals... I like almost every act though!!! I also went to that career thing that my mom signed me up for and that was kind of fun too I guess. I did soccer camp and music camp which were both really fun too! And..... (drumroll please!) I went to CO and was there on my bday, July 29! Yes I was named after my birth month. Dorky, I know. That was pretty fun! I got my ears double pierced, and my brother did pick up the hint about the horseshoe earrings! Yaya!
And the grand finale: I read. A lot. I only did one book review if I can recall correctly, and I'm sorry about that. It's just a pain to type out a whole book review on my little ipod. I will review a lot of them this year though! And now I am dogsitting a dog named Chloey, same name as Sea's dog Chloe, just spelled differently. She's a yorkie! Adorable!

I also apologize for not being able to comment on your blogs! There is a glitch on my ipod that doesn't allow me to comment on anyone's blogs, not even my own. I will be better about that now that I have my laptop to do it on!

With Tubesdays... please give me your feedback or videos that you want me to post for it! I have PLENTY of funny one's but I'll run out sooner or later. Do you guys even watch the videos? Tell me if you don't, I won't be offended, but if you don't I'll do a poll to see if people even want to do that. Get my drift?  Ok. I must go now, I'll do a book review, girl advice, or answer some of your random questions ASAP! I promise... possibly later tonight, but I'm not sure if I'll have time yet.
Ok! Love y'all appropriately (that's something Christine's youth paster says and I think it's funny!),
JULYABELLE oops caps lock...

August 07, 2012


I figured that this video is perfectly appropriate for the olympics because it was made by the USA 2012 swim team! Enjoy!